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Drink of the Day: Mai Tai Cocktail

Mai Tai

Perfect drink for this summer. This is kind of similar to a margarita drink but this is mostly what they call the tropical rum drink! If you don’t know what it is at first it look’s like a fresh four season fruit punch but do not be deceived it contains alcohol!

So kids no touchy strictly for adults only! This very easy to make as well. So let’s get it started in here:


50 ml of strong rum

One squeeze of lime juice that would make about 25 ml.

12.5ml orange curaçao

12.5ml almond syrup

about 5 ml. of sugar syrup


In a mixing glass or a glass shaker put all the ingredients together and fill it up with ice.Give that a nice big shake. Strain it and pour it on a rock glass. garnish it with either pineapple cuts on the side with a cherry on top or lime wedges. It’s up to you!

Mai Tai cocktail

Mai Tai cocktail

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