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Low Fat Foods to Eat This Summer That Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

Crab salad

. In this regard, it’s no surprise that low fat foods are becoming popular. Eating low fat foods doesn’t have to be an odd job. By gradually making changes and adjustments to your diet, you can definitely incorporate healthy habits without even noticing it!


If you are looking for new ways to cook and eat low fat foods then all you have to do is to take some time to read this article and for sure you’ll find helpful tips that can be useful as you try to lose weight fast, reduce cholesterol levels, improve your skin and make you feel and look better! This list of low-fat foods includes most common options that are  available almost everywhere. Consuming these low fat food helps to establish a healthy balanced diet plan. However, just as with all eating and diet plans, check with your personal physician before making any significant changes to your diet.



Crab meat is a good source of food that is high in protein, contains very low fat and saturated fat. Aside from this, it also contains phosphorus, zinc and copper. Crab meat is also considered to be good source of calcium and iron. Various types of crab are available to local markets and these crabs contain white succulent meat in the legs. Just so you know, one of the most delicious types of crab is King Crab.



Including beans in your diet is one of the things that you can do because it provides high levels of minerals while being low in fat and calories. Because beans contain high fiber, they are able to manage and keep dieters full for a longer time compared to other vegetable-based proteins.

Canned beans may be used for convenience and may usually have low level of fat however these tend to have higher sodium levels compared to homemade variety. The best way to control the levels of sodium and fat in your refried beans diet is to prepare them at home.


Baked Potatoes

Plain Baked potatoes contain no fat and can replace less healthy potato dishes like fried potatoes, French fries and butter-roasted potatoes. By choosing healthy toppings instead of sour cream, bacon and butter, you can definitely create a nutritious, low-fat and tasty baked potato! Try adding cottage cheese and green onions to your baked potato. This is another low-fat combination that will also add calcium and protein to it.



Bibb Lettuce

One good reason why you should consume Bibb lettuce is that it contains very little dietary fat. Each cup of shredded Bibb lettuce contains only 0.1 g of fat, with no saturated fat at all. A lot of foods are often served with Bibb lettuce particularly cheese crumbles or salad dressing, are rich in dietary fat. Bibb lettuce may be considered delicate and may not be appropriate for everyday use because it is expensive. Despite the low calorie content, Bibb lettuce continues to be rich in essential nutrients and can be a healthy addition to your diet plan.

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