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Summer Drinks: Lemonade And Watermelon Cooler

Summer is finally here people! This is the most exciting and funnest season of all time,you’ve got your vacation, your finally out of school and when someone say’s summer I always think of the beach or  going to those fancy resorts in other countries  and of course what is the first thing that they’ll offer you?

A drink! A refreshing drink that will quench your thirst. Chill out and relax with this lemonade and watermelon cooler.

Here’s a cool idea, if you live in a very cold place where beaches are faraway from you or going to those fancy resort’s are too expensive for you.Then,why not make your own summer get away party in your very own home.

Invite your friends and family to come over and serve them with chips,sandwiches and this very cool drinks which I’m about to give you the recipe and the procedure on how to do it.

lemonade cooler

Lemonade drink



1 cup of  sugar

4-6 Lemons (this will make about up to 1 cup of  lemon juice)

3 to4 cups of cold water.

Sliced Lemons


Step 1: In a sauce pan heat up 1cup of sugar and water until the sugar is completely dissolve.

Step 2: Juice out the Lemons and put it in a separate glass.

Step 3: Pour the sugar mixture and the lemon juice into a pitcher.

Step 4: Mix well and add the 3 to 4 cups of  cold water. Now, you can either add more lemon’s if your want the taste to be more strong and flavorful.

Step 5.  Lastly, put in your ice and your sliced lemons onto your drink.

watermelon cooler

Watermelon Cooler


About 4 to 5 cups of cubed seedless watermelon

2 cups of Lemonade

Sugar to taste


Step 1:  In a blender put in your cubed seedless watermelon( it is practical to use the seedless one’s because it will save you more time) blend well until it is liquefied.

Step 2: Strain your watermelon juice to remove the pulp.

Step 3: In a pitcher pour in your lemon & watermelon juice.

Step4: You can put on some ice and garnish it with either melon balls,mint, watermelon chucks,those cute little umbrella’s or whatever you like to add on.Hey it’s your drink and your the boss!

A healthy and delicious drink your guest will surely like. This summer be healthy and stay fit by eating the right foods and exercising regularly. Enjoying everyday life!

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