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Knowing Your Social Status

Relative status is way, way easier to obtain than absolute status. For instance, if you frequently visit a restaurant, try and get to know everybody working there. Though nobody actually knows you outside the door, you can be a real celeb inside. Plan to become well-known at a few social events, rather than a stranger at many.

Male status is almost always demonstrated relative to other men. Recognise and find opportunities to display your status in a non-confrontational way e.g. teaching another man something or showing dominant body language.

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  1. I don't fully agree with the insight given by the article. To be honest, in my opinion, even when the case explained on the article can be a good reason to be successful that is not all. Actually, when it comes to business success, it can be achieved through the popularity of a brand, product or service and not necessary by the people involved, or running the business.

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