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Knight and Day (MI Meets Get Smart): A Must-See Movie this Summer 2010

In this age of digital filming and 3D movie-viewing, who needs an old, probably medieval, and another of the James Bond plotline? Not with Mangold’s recent release, you don’t, because this flick is not as plain and ordinary as its title suggests.

Knight and Day, an action-comedy film directed by James Mangold, is a good watch this summer. It’s something new to expect from mainstream actors Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

While it is true that we have seen a Cruise-Diaz collaboration before, nobody was prepared to see what they would have been or done in their latest movie, Knight and Day.

Several films done by Mangold in the past were all box-office hits in the likes of Girl, Interrupted, Kate and Leopold, and Identity. Yet once again, James Mangold put a fresh new look to Tom Cruise’s usual hero-of-the-day character and wittingly blended with it Cameron Diaz’s four-seasoned humor.

In the movie Knight and Day, Diaz portrays the character of June Havens – an ordinary girl taking a flight on her way to her sister’s wedding who literally bumps into a stranger amidst the busy airport crowd. Roy Miller, portrayed by Cruise, is friendly vis-à-vis mysterious.

June gets along with Roy in such short time, or so she thought. They exchange a few smiles onboard an airplane when soon after, June finds that everyone on the plane are knocked out cold by Roy and that means everybody – including the plane crew.

They crash land into a cornfield and June gets an order to cooperate, with a threat that the Feds will be after her.

When the next day June encounters a team of government agents firing up probing questions on her, Roy comes in the way and steals June away to safety zone. The questions remain: Who is the real bad guy, and what does everything have to do with June?

So off she goes, she who didn’t really travel much, on a dangerous adventure that took her to places she’s never been like Austria, France and Spain.

She then fakes friendship with Roy but his mystery gives her no clue as to whether Roy is one of the good guys, or he’s one of the bad guys. Definitely, a direct query is not an option especially when she can see, although not understand, what he is up to.

To say that actors Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz did a spectacular job and that they went perfectly well together onscreen, is an understatement. We’ve seen them in Vanilla Sky and we don’t need more convincing that these two are a good match.

They keep us watching and have us hold on to our seats, or swallow up a good laugh with their precision timing of delivery. Director Mangold and screenwriter Patrick O’Neill surely went the extra mile to make this collaboration a blockbuster hit, with energetic visuals and superb line sequences.

However, some say that the movie did not draw a lot of attention to Cruise and Diaz’s tandem. It wasn’t anything Edward Cullen-Bella Swan, considering that a major part of the movie-going audience is filled up by young ones of the new generation.

Still, Knight and Day did not fail to make us laugh and feel the airiness of summer in this movie. Not to mention that it is a unique mix of action and romance-comedy.

Looking for the perfect summer flick? Go on ahead and take this rollercoaster ride of hilarious punches, action-packed twists with a bit of a romantic air. It’s when Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible) meets Maxwell Smart (Get Smart). It’s Knight and Day.

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