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Ke$ha Tiktok

Hear her songs loud on your radio! Ke$ha is one of the singers of today that is unique & is interesting to hear since her style of music is a combination of pop and rap. Her voice is very unique as well and yes! she can sing live.

Ke$ha is a true artist because she does write her own songs and is passionate on what she is doing right now! Her live performances are just amazing and she’s a ball of energy because when she sings she tries to communicate & encourages  her audience to get them off their seats and start to dancing and have fun with her.

Well, like you can help it! her music is catchy and is upbeat so it just makes you wanna get up and go crazy dancing.Ke$ha and Lady Gaga has somewhat the same thing in common!

Can you spot it? It’s their crazy flashy glittering makeup look and well, their outfits like yea! Only that Ke$ha has this signature look of a dark smudge eye makeup and a messy hair.

I think that she is going to be the next big thing because she is focus and is determine to pursue her dreams regardless of what other people say or think of her.

She is honest when it comes to writing her songs and basically her music is all about her experiences in life and all that,  she even stated that: “My record is honest and fun. It’s a celebration of youth and life going out and getting crazy.” You can tell that she  loves what she’s doing!

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