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Impulse Interview with Al King – GoGettaz Entertainment, Inc.

Mr. Al King al king

Entertainment Manager (President and CEO) for GoGettaz Entertainment, Inc., Entrepreneur, Licensed Realtor and personal friend to Tracy Morgan.

A driven man – driven to succeed and to promote those around him to succeed, both in life and in the Entertainment Industry.

Meeting Mr. King is like meeting a man who is energized, dedicated and exuding success. He sees talent and goes after it – to bring it to the forefront of the Industry. One of the hardest working men in the Music and Entertainment Industry – Al King is relentless, never tiring of striving to be the best – and to make his clients the best they can be – both professionally and personally.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview with us Mr. King. Our readers are curious about the Entertainment Industry and want to know more!

So – we’re about to begin this interview…

Here we go…

1)     You are an Entertainment Manager – Can you tell us what exactly that means and what a performer, artist or musician would need an Entertainment Manager for?

An Entertainment Manager is considered a (Personal Manager), they are hired by the artist (client) to provide them with guidance in their career. A manager is certainly needed….  again to provide guidance and also develop both the artist and project to a professional level. Having a manager also brings credibility to your equation and substantiates your seriousness about both your craft and business.

2)     What made you get into this business?

I have always loved music and was always providing my input and guidance to others was a natural. It wasn’t until being around close friends in the business that made my decision easy.

3)     Tell us about some of your clients (those that you can share information about)

I have just taken on a fresh, talented singer from Brooklyn by the name of Mello Soul and DJ Ty Adams, also partnered with Ramone Bellagamba and his company Executive Lifestyle Group where he will be doing all the marketing and branding for my managment company. Similar to the concept of Blue Flame Marketing and Bad Boy Records.
I also have some potential situations in the works that I can’t mention yet but are looking good.

4)     What has been the “coolest” experience so far – in the Entertainment Industry for you?

The coolest experience I would have to say has been obtaining a contractual release for a client from a major label (I would prefer to not mention). Prior to me meeting the artist this was a very disheartening reality, it took me a year and a half to accomplish the release and was very touching.

5)     If someone wanted to get “into” the business either as a musician/artist or as a Entertainment Manager  – what words of advice would you give them?

I would advise them to construct and respect these steps to success; vision… plan….. execute ….. results
In addition, your drive and passion will be the deciding factors in your journey so please obtain and sustain those components.

6)    You mentioned you went to China for a little while — what was that like?

My visit to China was a cultural shock and it made me respect what we have over here. It changed my overall perspective so much that I even look at Chinatown and Canal street totally different. I was blessed to spend two months over there providing the Dj’s for a newly buiilt nightclub and it was an all inclusive trip.

7)   You’re a very busy man – The Entertainment Business that you run – working with your friend Tracy Morgan, and being a Realtor – so what do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I am with my family, spend a lot of time being an effective father to my children. They are my world and motivation to get it done.

8)    Speaking about Tracy Morgan – what is Tracy REALLY like?

Tracy is a remarkable being, very wise and sincere. He is the opposite of what you see on the screen and has been very supportive in our brotherhood.

9)    You also mentioned you were getting ready to publish a book that you’ve written – Tell our readers a little bit about that book.

Yessss, this project is my baby and love. I am in the process of releasing my book that I will be self-publishing on my own. The book is my perspective on a wide range of topics that I felt were relevant. It is motivational and full of a lot of jewels. My style of writing for it is me having a conversation with the reader.

10)     You ARE destined for Greatness – what words of advice would you give our readers so that they can teach themselves to be as strongly dedicated and motivated?

Thank you……  I encourage anyone to remain positive and no matter how bleek things may seem they are always closer than they appear. Determine what it is you want to do and go after it full throttle and do not settle for anything short of greatness.

ImpulseMagazine would like to thank Al King for spending time with us to complete this interview.

At this time we’d like to invite readers with interest to contact Al King through these personal locations:

And we’d like to let people know that Al King will be selling his book – when it is published –  through Amazon and Ebay – plus through a website that Mr. King will be announcing shortly.

(Editor’s Note: Al King – what an absolute pleasure to meet you. You’ve been such an inspiration to all of the people whose  lives that you’ve touched. Thank you tremendously for agreeing to this interview with – we look forward  to hearing more from you in the future!)

Interview by: Meki Cox

Twitter @_lyricsexpress_

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