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Impulse Interview – Annette Martin – Psychic


ImpulseMagazine 10-Q with Amazing Psychic Annette Martin

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You’ve seen her on 48 hours, Psychic Detective,  Good Morning America,  ABC, The Discovery Channel, CBS, The Montel Williams Show and so many other places. You’ve watched as she has helped law enforcement solve seemingly impossible crimes.

She has been a driving force in the radio world, on television, in newspapers – all with amazing results –  and has turned people who do not believe in the paranormal into believers. She has written a book – provided lectures and does readings and consults – she’s simply amazing – it’s hard to believe one woman can offer so many things to the world.

She provides so many angles to her field – that we can only list a few here: Psychic Detective, Psychic Assistance in locating Lost Individuals and Items, Medical Intuitive Consulting, Ghost and Spirit Contact, Future Readings, Past Readings, Ghost Busting, Animal Readings and so many more – the lists go on and on. And she’s been seen on television, in movies – heard on the radio and has helped countless people with a numerous amount of issues.

She is one of the few psychics that make even skeptics believe.

With incredible cases solved – law enforcement backing her and families constantly using her to locate missing loved ones; Annette Martin has changed the face of Psychic Investigation. Whether you believe in ESP or Precognition or anything in the paranormal realm – her records speak for themselves.

Not only is she an extremely talented and well known Psychic, Annette Martin is a joy to talk to.

She is friendly – outspoken and a very positive influence on the conversation. She comes across as someone who truly wants to help and is not in the least affected by her Celebrity status. You’d think after reaching stardom she would have stopped talking to the general public – instead – she routinely steps out and speaks to people from all walks of life – giving them uplifting hopes and providing closure for those in need.

She has also opened up a business with a retired police officer who was convinced of her abilities after she helped him solve cases – with information that no one could have possibly known. The business helps families who’ve lost individuals – or have missing persons –  find closure and has already helped many families get that final peace that is much needed in these types of cases. Sometimes by finding the remains – sometimes by finding important missing items – Annette and her partner have tirelessly helped those in need.

Annette – thank you so much for taking the time to join us for this Interview – we think you’re an amazing human being after having researched you and speaking with you.

So we’re going to start this interview – are you ready?

You’re live in 1…..2….3…..

And you’re on the air…..

1)      I’ll admit that I’m open minded – yet a skeptic. Our readers are probably in the same kind of mind frame. But I have to say –  after watching the videos from huge news companies – and witnessing some of your cases…  I have come to the belief that you do have an amazing gift. Can you please tell our readers when you first realized that you had such a gift?

“At the tender age of seven a wonderful and unusual new world began.  While playing with a group of lifelong friends, I had a sudden vision in which my playmates would turn on me with intent to kill.  Ten minutes later that vision became a reality.”


We were playing Kick- the- can, when I felt a rock hit my foot.

Thinking that I had just kicked it I continued playing.

But a few minutes later I felt a huge thud on my back where a large stick had hit and knocked the wind out of me. I knew then that something was terribly wrong and perhaps this vision that I saw in the sky was real.  I was confused and bewildered because I had not done anything wrong to my friends.  Why would they do this?

In my fear I began to run away from my friends and ran toward my house. The children began to chase me hollering and screaming, throwing rocks and pieces of wood.  They chased me up the front stairs of my house. Rocks and sticks where whirling in the air headed straight for my body. They were stoning me, for no reason. Blood began running down my legs and arms.

I stared back at them and hollered, amidst my tears, ‘What is wrong with you?’

Then out of nowhere a deep baritone voice spoke out, “Pick up that stick.”

I whirled around facing the painted grey front door, thinking that it was my Daddy, but there was nothing but the empty wooden door.  A horrible pain filled my body and I realized that a large stick had struck the back of my head.

Dazed, I turned and faced the angry faces of my friends as the baritone voice spoke again, “Pick up that stick and throw it!”  The commanding voice halted my sobs and I looked down.

There at my feet lay a gnarly wooden stick about two inches in diameter and a foot long.  Instinctively I knew that I had to make an important decision, either to live or die!  I knew I had to listen to the baritone voice and leaned over and picked up the wooden stick.

The stick went straight out and met its mark across one boy’s nose, sending blood gushing everywhere.  No sooner had he screamed, than all the front doors flew open and parents came from everywhere, shouting and screaming.

My grandmother who lived next door, came to my rescue and took me to her home.  The boy was taken to the hospital with a broken nose.

Three days later my daddy said it would alright and that I had to go outside again and face my pursuers.  ‘Oh, my gosh! Daddy they are going to kill me this time,’ I pleaded.

“No, it will be fine, trust me” he said convincingly.

So out I went and believe me I was terrified.  My best friend Pamela came outside shortly after and asked if I wanted to play jacks.

Within 5 – 10 minutes later the little boy whose nose I broke came from across the street with a huge bandage across his face. He started to shout before he reached us asking if we wanted to play on his swing set in the backyard.  Well, of course only being seven years old and the only one who had a swing set, the answer was, yes!

It was as if the incident had never happened, but the physical proof was there.  My little friends never spoke about that fateful day.

First Medical Diagnosis

Several weeks later, I began to see and experience another mysterious and magical world filled with colorful large pictures that I didn’t understand and strange whooshing sounds that lived within people’s bodies.  When I explained to my family what I was experiencing, they listened and never laughed.

The following week, mother’s best friend, Pauline Moses came over for lunch.  A little while after Pauline left I ran to my mother, “Mommy, Pauline’s big right toe really hurts.  She needs to go see the doctor. You have to call because her big right toe is swollen!”

“Pauline didn’t say anything about her big toe hurting and she tells me everything that is wrong with her,” mother responded.  I insisted that she call and mother replied, “Annette, I will call her tomorrow morning.”

The next morning the phone rang.  It was, guess who?

Pauline Moses.

“Viola, you will never believe what happened after I left your house yesterday. During the night my big right toe began to hurt and swelled up with excruciating pain. I went to the podiatrist this morning and he had to take off the nail.  He said I had a very bad infection and was lucky that I came in right away as this could have been a very dangerous situation.”

And that was just the beginning of my psychic world erupting through medical diagnosing!

2)     What made you decide to start assisting law enforcement in solving cases? What was the turning point?

My husband and two children had been living in Hong Kong and Mexico City for the past five years, between 1969 – 1975.  We had returned to California bought a home, set up my professional practice as a psychic and hired a secretary.

It was during the middle of a yoga class, with my secretary while meditating –  that I had a vision of a dead body suspended in the air, hanging over my body and seeing a street sign.

I immediately sat up off the floor, frightened at the scene that had just appeared. My secretary immediately asked if I was alright.  I said yes, and laid back down, but the vision did not disappear, in fact it stayed for the rest of the mediation.

After the class the yoga teacher and my secretary asked what had happened to make me sit up so violently. Upon hearing the story they tried to convince me that I had to go down to the Marin Sheriffs Office and tell them what I saw.

Well, I laughed and said, “You have to be kidding, I can’t go down there, they are going to think I am nuts.  After all I am a psychic and cops don’t like psychics!”

“No,” they both shouted.  “You may have some important information for them.” To calm them down I said, “Let me call my husband and see what he thinks.  After all he is an engineer and General Manager of a very large company.”

So, my husband agrees with them and thinks that maybe I might be able to help them out.

Off we go to the Marin Sheriff’s Office, me being terrified as I had never stepped inside a police station before.

We were escorted into an interrogation room.

Within a few minutes two detectives walked into the room.  A tall thin, Native American gentleman who said hello and stood against the wall opposite the desk where I was sitting. The other detective introduced himself while sitting down across from me as Detective Sergeant Richard Keaton.

“Can I help you?” he inquired.

I took a deep breath and said, “My name is Annette Martin.  I know you are going to think I am crazy, but I have just seen a dead body and a street sign intuitively while meditating in my yoga class.”

Detective, Sergeant Keaton listened intently, not blinking an eye.

He assured me that I was not crazy, for a murder had occurred just recently and my details of the case were uncanny.

The Sergeant asked if he could bring in some clothing, to see if it would be possible to give them more information in this particular case.  I replied, “yes, let’s try.”

We were at the station for the next several hours where I provided remarkable details that matched unpublished facts about a case they were working on of a young woman who had been killed in Novato, CA.

The Detective asked if I could come back later that evening as the Captain would like to ask me a few questions.  I agreed if my husband and secretary could come with me.

We arrived back at the Marin Sheriff’s Office around 7:30 and walked into a room of about 35 people. Wow! I was taken back at how many people were there and really began to get scared.

The District Attorney, Assistant DA, a judge, two FBI men and many detectives.

Detective Keaton said that he would be the only one asking questions, so it would make it easier. Well, I knew that I had to perform and give them as much information as I could.  So I began to visualize that I was back on the stage at Belles Artes, the Opera House, in Mexico City, singing Manon Lesceut.

It worked.

I applied the techniques of psychometry to the case. Five hours later we had come up with all this information.

Detective Keaton has reported, “Annette was able to provide details about the case that hadn’t been released to the public. She said that she saw that a girl had been abducted — and she had specifics about the suspect, like that he had stomach problems. She did this thing where (the suspect) was repeatedly putting things into his mouth, over and over again.”

I tuned into the conversations that the suspect (male) had with the victim and what medical problems he had.

Detective Sgt. Keaton handed me the suspects keys, where I was able to identifying six out of seven.  Using a map, I traced the suspect’s flight, predicting that it would be a year before they would catch him, he would try to kill again and that ultimately he would be arrested, wearing white, working in an institutional setting and it would be out of California.

I was on constant contact with the Detective and would pick up on the suspect as to where he was, describing what he had on and where they would find him.

But in three incidents the police kept missing him by 15 minutes to an hour.

“A year later to the day,” Detective Sgt. Richard Keaton called my office and said, “Annette, are you sitting down?”

Oh boy, when anyone says that to me, I know something big is coming down!

The Detective went on, “Our suspect was arrested outside Seattle for the attempted murder of another young woman.”

So many details jibed – from the keys to details of the suspect’s escape to the fact that he was wearing white pants and a white coat in his job at a VA Hospital – that Sgt. Keaton was totally amazed. Noting that Annette Martin was 100% correct!

This was the very beginning of my long police work of 40 years and wonderful association with the Marin Sheriff’s Office.

This encounter led to a crime-solving partnership as the Campbell agency, Closure4u Investigations, which opened in 2001.  Closure4u Investigations works to find missing persons and solve cold cases from around the country.

3)     I can imagine the skeptics you met during the initial contacts with law enforcement – now that many of the agencies are referring you because you’ve solved cases for them – that skepticism has probably decreased tremendously… Can you tell our viewers how it feels to not be believed even though you know you’re an honest person with real information…  and how that changeover – watching your skeptics finally take that step to belief – makes you feel?

The law enforcement agencies that we have worked with have been open, courteous and willing to hear what I had to say.

There have been very few difficulties working with law enforcement.  They have always tried to make me feel as comfortable and pleasant as possible and have been wonderful in giving feedback.

I have encountered very little skepticism.  Once and awhile there is a Sergeant who doesn’t believe in what I do, but most of them have had experiences themselves that they cannot discount.

A circumstance did occur where an FBI agent did not believe me and the Detective had to take the person, out of the room, told him to keep his mouth shut or leave.  The agent was trying to make me look like I didn’t know what I was talking about.  He came back into the room and kept quiet.  Everything continued and the information I had given was correct and extremely useful.

If someone is skeptic, I always say, “That’s great!  It will keep me in line.”  There’s only trouble when I get the wrong feedback, which has happened several times, from a disgruntled agent.

4)     Providing only information that you’re allowed to – Can you tell our readers some of the incredible cases you’ve solved – and how solving them has helped others?

Over the next two decades, the Marin Sheriff’s department would often call for assistance on cases that were tough to crack.

It was always in an unofficial capacity, not announced to the press, and I was never paid.

If the information led a particular direction, detectives would still need to corroborate it through other sources and find evidence before making an arrest.

Trailside Killer

A case that stands out is that of the Trailside Killer, a serial killer who roamed the trails of Mount Tamalpais, the Point Reyes National Seashore and a park near Santa Cruz between 1979 and 1981.

“We were walking around the trails on Mount Tam, watching the birds of prey above looking for his target, that kind of thing,” Detective Keaton recalled. “I asked Annette, ‘What do you think that he does for work?’

She said, ‘The only word that came to me was carpenter- I feel carpenter.”

Keaton mulled over the information. It was when he arrested David Joseph Carpenter for the killings on May 1, 1981, he says, that Martin’s words made sense. Carpenter was tried, convicted and sentenced to death.

Missing Hiker

Marc North, a lieutenant with the Marin County Sheriff’s Department, worked with Martin on a missing person’s case several years ago.

“I was assigned a missing person’s case and had absolutely no leads whatsoever,” North said. “This person had wandered off into a remote area. He was from outside San Francisco.”

“It was really quite something,” North said. “She flooded me with the information that helped me to connect the dots and put the pieces together. The information that she put forth was information that had immediate relevance and was specific to the case. She told me the location and the position of the body in the case, as well as specific names of people that I would be talking with. I filed all of that away in the back of my head.”

Within an hour of having left Martin’s office, North said, he went to the missing person’s home to contact the family.

The first person to meet him at the door was one of the names that Martin had mentioned. Inside the home, specific items that Martin had mentioned were located next to the person’s bed.

“We tend to dismiss that which is natural,” North said. “We shut off from it. We consider it out of the ordinary.”

Lieutenant Marc North quoted,  “There are people that present themselves (to law enforcement) as psychics — and they are charlatans — cavalier in what they do. They really hold back the folks that really are legitimate. You see them all the time. One thing that impresses me about Annette is that she won’t come to you — you have to go to her.”

Solving the case brings closure for the agency and closure to the family.  These are two things that are upmost in my mind when working on a police case.  One of the reasons we named our company, Closure4u Investigations.

5)     Being a Psychic must be difficult –  seeing things from your victim’s point of view – or even from the suspect’s thoughts…  Describe how that affects you…  Because people who have never seen you may not be able to understand the process – and may not understand that you actually feel and see the things you do.

Because of the process that I use during police work, I am not affected by the horrors that it brings.

After taking in my deep breaths and using the White Light, I move into a space, (moving back into time) that allows a video tape to come up in my head. Yes, I do believe that we could call this Remote Viewing.

I am able to go to the spot where the victim has met the suspect and follow them through the rape or murder.

It is in full color, sound, taste and smell.

My specialty of medical diagnosing comes into play here, whereby I can pick up scars, operations, marks, moles, tattoos, or medications the suspect could be using.

During this process I become three different entities, the suspect, the victim and the observer, moving in-between them all. I can feel their anger, fear, pain, breathing and what is going on in their brain. It is an incredible experience.

Once I have closed down it begins to fade away and by an hour it is gone.  I do not remember what I said or what I saw. That is why it is imperative that everything be recorded.

In one psychic session she (sic Martin) pieced together a murder puzzle that authorities could not solve in 35 years. For Martin it’s hard to describe the reward she gets when she finds a missing child or solves a murder.

6)    In the beginning – how did turning into a psychic PROFESSIONALLY – affect your friends and loved ones?

Oh my goodness, becoming a professional psychic was totally a shock and extremely significant.

My husband myself and our two boys had arrived in Hong Kong, August 25, 1969.

As I stepped out of the 747 airplane I heard the words “Now is the time.”

I thought “What? Now is the time for what?”

Because I really didn’t understand what it meant and of course it was that very familiar voice that I heard all my life, a very deep masculine voice which is my guide, Cama.

I was so busy with my husband going into a new job, my children starting in a new school, I really didn’t pay too much attention to it until two weeks later when the phone started to ring. Word spread like wildfire through the whole colony that I was a psychic.

People started to call for readings, day and night. I was not charging for my readings up until that point in time.

A month later I auditioned for the Hong Kong Opera Company and immediately was cast as the female lead in ‘The Merry Widow.”

My husband was singing as well as being the Marketing Director of Fairchild Corporation, entertaining three nights a week, adjusting to a whole new world, so we were really busy.

When people kept calling and calling wanting to have readings my husband finally said, “This needs to stop because people are calling at all times of the day and night wanting you to read them and we just have too much going on”.

I said “You’re right – you’re absolutely right. I know exactly what I’ll do. I’ll just tell them that I’m going to charge for the readings. That’ll take care of it and they won’t call anymore”.

He agreed. “That sounds like a good idea.”

The next morning, the phone rang and a British woman on the end said she wanted to have a reading.

“Well things have changed a little bit and I am now charging for my readings.”

I told her how much and she said “Wonderful, what time can I come?”

I did not expect that, what a shock!

So that was the beginning of becoming a professional psychic! It certainly wasn’t planned that way.

7)    While we detest people who treat anyone unkindly –  we’ve seen how the internet has affected people, allowing them to treat others horribly under the disguise of anonymity…  And we’ve seen people who just aren’t nice – being rude and hateful…  Do you often receive hate mail or contacts – and do you choose to ignore them – or how do you deal with them?

I have indeed been fortunate and have never received hateful or rude email or letters from anyone.

8)     You’re an amazingly positive force in this world – Even seeing the evil side of humanity and horrible scenes inside your mind… How do you remain so positive?

People say, ‘How can you do this, Annette?’

It’s because when the session is over I take three deep breaths and wipe my hands. It’s like wiping a blackboard clean. An hour later, I don’t remember what I said.

I must confess that I am a very positive person to begin with, a Sagittarius, a very strong belief in God and other worlds that we do not see with our naked eyes.

Richard Keaton, my partner for 35 years says, “The way Annette Martin deals with the stress is her true gift.”

9)     You also do Medical Intuitive Readings on people – where you can see or foresee medical problems or health issues. Describe this activity… And how you’ve helped others become aware of their medical emergencies that even doctors were not aware of.

There are many, many stories of my medical diagnosing, too long to describe here in this interview.

The only thing I can tell you is that I feel so wonderful after I have been able to help someone with a condition that either they did not know they had or that the doctors cannot help them with. It truly makes my day!

Here is one story that was written about me in Fate Magazine by Loyd Auerbach in 1996

ANNETTE MARTIN PROVIDES clues to past events and the conditions of her clients’ bodies by connecting with her targets and perceiving psychically what others tend not to see.


Annette Martin stood in front of the April gathering of the California Society for Psychical Study in Berkeley, California.  In front of her was a woman who had volunteered for a demonstration of psychic diagnostics. Martin was going to psychically look into the woman’s body (named Sandy) and try to determine the status of her physical health.

Martin took a few deep breaths and exhaled, making a sound that seemed like a wind moving swiftly through dense trees, a sound that seemed to be coming from all around me rather than from the down – to – Earth psi practitioner.

Annette had perceived a problem with Sandy’s heart.  Sandy and her friend Jane asked Annette for more feedback and again received Annette’s warning to see the doctor.

According to friend Jane, Sandy didn’t do anything about Annette’s advice, and didn’t see the doctor, even though Jane insisted that she do so.  A few weeks later, Sandy apparently began have blackouts, but wrote it off to work-related stress.  Sometime after that Sandy went to a health fair and while there, had an EKG done.  The technician told her that there was a problem with her EKG and that she should see her doctor immediately.

Sandy went to see her doctor the next day with the EKG in hand, whereupon he insisted that she come to the hospital early the next morning for an operation.  According to Jane, Sandy called her asking if she should go through with the operation.  Jane was adamant that Sandy do it and Sandy’s indecisiveness disappeared.

Sandy’s doctors ended up putting in a pacemaker.  Without it, her future was very likely non-existent.  Today, Sandy is doing well and no longer suffers from blackouts.

On January 13th, 1997, Sandy called Annette Martin on her San Francisco “Your Psychic World” Radio Show.

“Annette, this is Sandy, the woman you told to go and see her doctor because you felt there was a heart problem.  I want to thank you for being so persistent with me.  I didn’t want to believe that there could be anything wrong with my heart and did not go to my doctor.  But when I attended the health fair a little voice kept saying, ‘ Listen, to what Annette said and have an EKG, just to make sure.’

Thank you for saving my life!  I know that I never would have gone and had the EKG if you hadn’t read me that night.  You are truly wonderful!”

During 1975 I drew the attention of noted psychiatrist Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, founder of the Center for Attitudinal Healing located in Tiburon. Jampolsky was highly interested in my psychic diagnostic abilities and tested me before a group of observant physicians in December of that year.  With cameras rolling, I proceeded to accurately diagnose not only the physical and emotional states of some of Jampolsky’s patients, but also the cause of their medical conditions.

Dr. Jampolsky was so impressed he made the three hours of footage into a documentary film – one he subsequently showed to medical conferences around the country-and ended up working with me for five years.  My psychic diagnostic abilities were also featured (along with those of noted psychic Paul Solomon) in a subsequent documentary film called Altered States of Consciousness produced by the well-known independent film company Hartley Productions.  I have continued my psychic diagnosis work with physicians and psychiatrists to this day and have been recognized as having a 90 percent accuracy rate.

10)    In closing – can you please tell our readers – Is there anything you’d like them to know about being a psychic – and what they can do if they believe they may be psychic?

“Every child that comes in to the world is sensitive, but rarely is the child encouraged to recognize and enjoy the benefits of their so-called sixth sense!”

My strong feeling is that if you feel that you have any inclination towards understanding or knowing about something that is not there, or sensing perhaps there is a spirit or ghost or know things that are about to happen, you need to always keep a record.

Buy a diary and write down what you have picked up, whether it is of an event or a person. Be sure and put a date and time when you received the information.

This is a great way to see if any of your predictions come true by referring back to your notes.

The most important thing is to trust the information that you are receiving.

We receive intuitive flashes but then use our logical mind to disband the thoughts.

DON’T analyze the information. Listen to yourself and if it feels correct, even though it’s illogical, go for it, do it!  How many times have you gotten the right answer but didn’t follow through with it?  Then you realize later that you were right all along!

If your friends and loved ones can be very loving, supportive and positive about it, that will encourage you to allow it to be there.

That was my experience in my life. It was allowed to just be there. I was never put down or told that I was making up stories or strange.  There are a lot of people and parents who think predicting events or knowing things about someone is from the devil or it doesn’t agree with their religion and that they don’t want their loved one or child to be strange or different.

We are all born with six senses, although in our society we only declare and cultivate our five senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling. Our environment and behavioral patterns dictate how we will develop all these senses.

By allowing yourself to grow with using your intuition or sixth sense you are giving yourself a head’s up in the world.

Because everyone has a “psychic side,” which deals with our right brain, to himself or herself, you can learn to be more intuitive.

There are steps you can take, classes you can attend (check out your local area Learning Annex for classes) and about a billion wonderful books you can read to assist your development. And of course, my book, “Discovering Your Psychic World,” that is being used by many of the metaphysical books stores around the country in their classes, because it works.

I also recommend my mediation CD’s, “Peaceful White Light”, with music by Steven Halpern. By using the CD meditations and learning to use the White Light it will be much easier to not try to see information but allow it to come to you. You need to learn to trust and have faith in what you know but have no logical explanation for.

The more and more you attempt to connect; the easier it will become. With time, and practice it simply becomes instinctual. Have the courage to trust in yourself and your intuition. You won’t go wrong.

10-Q would like to really thank Annette Martin – she has changed

our perception on what psychics really are.

If you would like to learn more about Annette Martin – here are some locations:

And now – you can find Annette Martin as a Celebrity Guest on the Haunted Voices Radio Network at these locations: (Channel 22 on the TODHD network)

Thank you Annette!

Interview by:        Meki Cox

Twitter ID:     @_lyricsexpress_

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