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Interview – Dr. Stephanie King – Alternative Health Care


IMPULSE MAGAZINE 10-Q with Dr. Stephanie King


Some people have passions that know no boundaries; Dr. King is one of those people. Dr. Stephanie  King

Dr. King’s passion is helping to heal those people that have given up and have reached the end of hope.

She is an expert in biomechanics, body mechanics, nutrition, weight loss, bio-identical hormones, cold laser therapies and so much more.

Growing up with a sister diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, her family was told that nothing could be don e. But her mother, not believing those words, sought out more information – passing on that wealth of information in natural health care and more on to Dr. King.

Dr. King was also was in a serious accident in which she was the passenger that resulted in injuries giving her severe headaches and neck pains. And she needed to get help for those injuries – but wanted it to work naturally for her – so she sought out a holistic approach for treatment.

Since then she has never looked back – going on to become a doctor in the chiropractic field and incorporating her knowledge and experience – PLUS her passion for Natural Health Care into her medical practice.

She has opened up her own business – which encompasses the treatment of celebrities and well known people in a variety of fields – who all keep coming back… and announcing to the world that her clinic is an amazing experience, changing their lives – FOREVER.

She is an expert in her field with Nutrition based health and wellness and chiropractic health care – plus she has incorporated Natural Health and modern technology to create one of the most unusual and successful clinics in the United States.

She is a leader in her industry and is sought out by those who have lost hope – and want a more natural approach to health care with amazing results.

Dr. King – thank you for taking the time to interview with us – you are an amazing person!

Our Interview starts in… 1… 2…. 3….

You’re on the air…

1) Hi Dr. King – nice to be able to get with you to do this interview. Our readers will be very interested in knowing a lot about you … So, let’s start with what got you interested in becoming such a unique type of doctor – especially in the Alternative Health Care Field.

Wow, that’s a big question and I literally could go on for days on that one.

I believe that we all have a “gift” or a “calling” or some may call a “light” that we are to bring to this world –  it’s who we are. And when we’re in that place we are at peace and at our very best.

I found that gift at age 8, although I didn’t really know it.

Growing up with a sister who was physically challenged having Cerebral Palsy, I had a very unique outlook on life very early on.

We all took a very active role in making sure my sister had every opportunity to be the best despite what many traditional doctors told us, like: She would “never do anything expect lay on the floor.”

I guess I’m slightly jaded against tradition having grown up seeing and hearing these statements and then hearing other non-traditional doctors state just the opposite and come up with such amazing almost “crazy” types of therapies that provided tremendous changes in how she performed and grew.

Honestly… Alternative Health Care should be Primary Care –  as far as I’m concerned.

Because what I saw in Alternative Health care doctors – was a doctor who had to also overcome a “stigma”.

So… at age 8, being a bit of an overachiever, I began reading books that my Mom had left around the house.   And not wanting to take away from my sister’s time I started learning on my own, by reading those books and teaching others what was best.

Really…  picture this 8-10 year old walking around telling whoever would listen about nutrition –  and all the bad things eating sugar would do to your body.  It’s quite comical to think back on, but really, it was the start of who I was supposed to be.

From that point on I challenged everyone –  and every idea –  in life.

If it was traditional –  I challenged it. If someone said it couldn’t be done –  I found a way to do it.

So I decided why not start a practice built on the same premise? A practice designed to treat those who lost hope and who were tossed aside. Maybe because they challenged their doctor’s ideas –  or maybe they expected more from the system then a simple pill, or a 5 minute appointment.

I wanted a place that –  “I” – would want to go to a doctor –“I” – would want to see Someone who would not stop until they made you feel amazing again.   Someone who actually sat down and listened to what – “I” –  had to say…  Someone who participated in my health care and wanted me to play an active role back. Someone who didn’t rely on antiquated knowledge but continued to stay connected with the latest research.

Honestly I could take hours on this subject,  but,  I wanted to create a place – a safe haven if you would –  that people would feel safe going to in order to get the help and care they both needed and deserved.

A peaceful non-traditional, safe environment staffed with doctors that care (and may “care too much”.)

It’s corny but a place where you would get a hug if you cried.

That’s my clinic, and that’s me Dr. King.

2) At your clinic, you recently started doing the Zerona Treatments with great results on your clients… I’ve actually seen some of the results and I’m interested on hearing YOUR take on the technique – and your personal opinions on how both MEN and WOMEN can benefit from it.

I love my Zerona Laser and have no regrets in bringing this amazing new technology into my office.

The results are nothing short of amazing!

To take and help teenagers who’ve really struggled and to help Gastric Bypass patients who failed and now have succeeded –  in losing several sizes is such a joy to me.

I am really into doing things naturally, harmlessly –  and in a way to protect the body… So, weight loss –  in my opinion –  should be no different.

But I also understand the frustration of finally making that lifestyle decision and wanting it yesterday.

I wanted a non-surgical option for patients that was not only not harmful –  but also helped their body –  so they didn’t have to go down the liposuction, Gastric Bypass, Band loop route… risking harm to their body and side-effects.

I brought in Zerona as that alternative. My patients can easily and naturally lose anywhere from 2-11 inches off any of their problem areas. Dropping 1-3 sizes without harm to their body.

The only requirement for my office is that they realize they are committing to a lifestyle change –  and we put together an amazing nutrition program for them based on their body and what works for their lifestyle.

That’s the difference between my office and others – we want those great quick results –  but we want our patients to keep them and to make positive healthy dietary changes in the process.

As far as age and sex, this is great for any age and for both men and women, although women don’t get too upset over the fact that men see their results faster and typically need a few less sessions due to having less estrogen.

But as you’ve seen the pictures – they are really amazing and most people use the process for those hard to lose areas like stomach, hips, thighs and love handles.

I think one of the best things Zerona has done for the acting community and my celebrity clientele –  is offer a natural way to meet the demands of HD filming and flat screen TV viewing.

The effects of HD TV Filming on Actors has caused a few to search for methods to trim down their already natural great looking bodies so they look better on the big screen.

This HD technology looks great on the screen but it adds about 20 lbs to the look of the actor.

So what happens is the actor looks heavy on the screen – especially through the hips due to our wide flat screens – and they need to lose extra weight to compensate.

It’s not safe for surgeries for such reasons –  and I have my own opinions about body image but that is the society we are in.

It’s not just the female actors but the male actors as well.

This is unnerving at best for the on air talent. So we see child actors trying to loose the proverbial “baby fat”… women loosing post pregnancy weight, male actors loosing weight to look really ripped, etc.

And now with Zerona Laser they don’t have to risk surgery and scarring to do it.

3) What kinds of complaints do your average clients come to you with?

I would say we don’t call anything average anymore.

We treat such a variety of symptoms now. From the person who’s looking to set up a good prevention plan and stay healthy for life  – to those who are struggling with weight issues  and even those with severe symptoms where they’re not sure what’s going on inside their bodies.

Real issues people battle with that we’ve seen amazing changes with include hormonal imbalances during peri-menopause and menopause.

Also digestive issues such as: irritable bowl syndrome, migraine headaches.

Other issues are things like: Hot flashes, loss of sex drive, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, diabetes, autoimmune issues, chronic joint aches and pains, inflammation, allergies.

We treat all of these things with our nutritional and renewed health programs.

Neurological conditions such as numbness, tingling, carpal tunnel, sciatica are treated with a combination of our nutritional programs and chiropractic care.

4) You see a lot of Celebrities – which is awesome! But that also means that your level of care must be excellent. Can you tell our readers what they could expect if they were to walk into your office?

This is easy!

What I hated about going to the doctor was seeing the white walls, grey furniture, white coats… and the cold staff. Plus I hated waiting 1 hour to be seen and then getting only 3 minutes with the doctor.

Celebrities are just like everyone else –  they want the best –  and they want to be treated like they’re special. We treat everyone like a star.

My office has running water, peaceful music throughout. We light relaxation candles, use aromatherapy and have colored relaxing paint on the walls. We use warm cozy furniture and have warm friendly staff.

Sorry – but no white coats in our office, either.

Once you walk in – you’ll instantly feel like family.

And for the most part we run on time.  I’m a stickler for it –  and there are no 3 minute appointments. Your first appointment with me is 2 hours and if we go over… then… we go over.

We give you our full undivided attention and we don’t double and triple book like other offices. Each time slot is scheduled specifically just for you and is your one-on-one time with me, Dr. King.  We actually all remember you by name and remember what you’re coming in for no matter how long it’s been –  because my office is that connected to creating your health.

5) You also do Bio-Identical Hormones. Could you please explain what they are – and how they can help someone?

Bio-identical hormones are the answer to many men’s and women’s health problems and sometimes an answer to their prayers.

Bio-identical hormones are manufactured in the lab to have the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body.

Although we use Bio-identical hormones – they aren’t necessarily the first place to turn when hormonal imbalance is a problem. In my experience, the great majority of women can re-balance their hormones without the use of drugs –  and even without HRT in any form – including Bio-identical types of hormones.

We have found that about 85% can find relief through a natural approach that combines pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements, homeopathic formulas, gentle endocrine support, and dietary and lifestyle changes.

We recommend that every woman start with this combination approach as the foundation to her health, and I have found with my approach that in as little as 2 WEEKS my patients have amazing relief and are able to balance their systems with very little need for actual hormones. Even with this foundation, a minority of women will need to add actual hormone supplements to get complete relief.

With Bio-identical hormones, sometimes men will need to re-balance their own systems, and this can assist them in reaching that balancing point, which is important to their overall health.

When we choose to use Bio-Identical Hormones – we recommend they use them preferably in a compounded form personalized to their needs by an experienced practitioner.

We offer a variety of formulas and work with two labs that will specifically mix compounds for those who have extra unique needs.

6) You do blue light laser therapy for acne scars and stretch marks – how effective are those – and have you had any amazing success stories with those that you can share?

What makes blue light so amazing for acne is that it is the only FDA approved low-level laser that kills the bacteria that causes acne.

What’s great about this low-level laser also called cold laser- which means it’s painless and you feel nothing. It’s like laying in the sunlight and it only affects the bacteria.

We combine this blue light with our low-level red light which stimulates healthy cell production of healing and tightening of the skin tissue –  causing the healing of the scars from acne along with killing off the bacteria and leaving clear beautiful skin without the side-effects caused by medications like Acutane or painful heat lasers.

As a Case Study –  I had a patient in her lates 50’s who had terrible acne from menopause.  Her son was getting married so there were to be lots of pictures taken and she wanted to look beautiful. She was already a patient of mine for a knee issue so she trusted me and asked me about the laser.

With the wedding only a week away –  I told her, “Do it, you’ll look great! My staff steal time on those lasers the day of their period all the time to zap away a pimple here and there.”

She did it, she signed up for a series and didn’t even need the series – after only 4 sessions the acne was gone! The wedding was great and the wedding pictures were beautiful!

Its amazing what it can do, we treat scars from burns, stretch marks, C-section scars, scars that have been there for years.  Scars on men, bodybuilding stretch marks and other athletic scars can be minimized or dissipate.

My boyfriend, had a long scar on his hand about 9 inches long due to a horse accident. The laser got rid of it; you wouldn’t know it was there unless he pointed it out. So this is certainly an amazing tool!

7) I’ve heard that you make a huge difference in people’s lives. Can you tell our readers one of your most favorite success stories? (We understand if you have to change names to protect anyone.)

OMG, you want me to pick one that’s tough?

I have so many great stories – so this is really tough.

I love getting notes, cards, emails and calls from my patients with stories of their wins or transformations.

I’ll have to give you two because I can’t narrow it down.

Let’s call the first patient “Bob”.

“Bob” is 28 and had been to 8 doctors before seeing me and pretty much they told him he was normal –  and there was nothing he could do –  they couldn’t find anything wrong with him.

“Bob” had terrible digestive upset every time he ate anything… he burped constantly while eating (and this was the kind of burping that would wake the dead), plus he had diarrhea most of the day going to the bathroom anywhere from 4-10 times per day.

He was bloaty, gassy, crampy and had back pains as a result.

“Bob” had tried eliminating foods and didn’t know what else to do and figured this was it for him.

An intern I had trained, referred “Bob” to me as he had gone to one of the colleges hoping maybe a new student might have some insight. Desperate to try anything he came to my office for my 2-hour appointment. He was intrigued by my computer analysis program.

We found high toxicity levels in him and very high bacteria and fungus counts –  as well as a very over-active immune system.

I put him on a restrictive diet for one month so I could calm down his immune system and put him on high doses of very special probiotics pharmeceutical grade  of 3 different types –  as well as some homeopathic products specific for his body –  and some immune builders.

“Bob” calls me only after 2 weeks, “Dr. King everything is gone, no symptoms – none.”

It’s been 2 years and “Bob” still emails me from Australia and now has no more symptoms. He’s on some basic supportive nutrients and a healthy diet that fits him and he enjoys –  but is no longer restrictive.

“Bob” tells everyone:  “I went to 8 doctors and Dr. King healed me in 2 weeks.”

I love it; it makes me feel so good to give someone back their life.

My second transformation is great… we’ll call her “Shirley.”

“Shirley” was ready to kill her husband and everyone she met. She had onsets of terrible Migraines – she was sweating all night, crying for no reason – and this all started over one  weekend and just didn’t go away.

She didn’t know what to do. Her primary doctor told her… “sounds like Menopause I’ll give you HRT.”

She was terrified to do Hormone Replacement Therapy – especially with her Mother having passed away from Breast cancer.  She didn’t know what to do – so she came to me.

We ran the computer on her and I looked at her blood work.

Her body was completely depleted of any hormones.

We put her on a combination of some light bio-identical hormones with protective herbs and supplements that are chemo-protective and attack the bad estrogen in the system.

She emailed me after two weeks and said she was starting to feel a little better but still really struggling, so we also made dietary changes and I gave her some stress reduction therapy.

In two more weeks and she couldn’t believe it! She was writing me a great testimonial having no more headaches – plus she could go back to work and not be dripping in sweat.

8 ) You do nutrition and consultation with people. Eating properly is important. Would you say that each individual has different nutritional needs or is everyone the same?

This is a great question and the premise of all my programs.

I believe everyone is unique and an individual.

Each Individual has different demands and needs as a result.

This is why people don’t get better with so many programs out there like those  “cookie cutter” or what I call one size fits all programs or diets.

It’s the easy way out to give everyone the same thing or treatment – and while most people will get a little better – that’s just not good enough for me.

We test everyone, we give people extensive questionnaires and sit down and spend time talking with each person to design their own custom program. A program that’s specific for their body, their lifestyle, their unique needs and wants.

That’s why my patients truly do feel better in as little as 2 weeks –  which is so amazing.

9) Speaking of individuality – a question I’ve always personally wanted to know – would you say that each individual needs to be treated differently on a medical path – or would you say that everyone needs to follow the same plan?

Hah, this is like the previous question you just asked me.

Eeach person gets his or her own customized plan. No body falls into a cookie cutter plan, which seems so prevalent today.

Different people may have the same symptoms –  but have completely different causes.

As a physician it takes time to listen to a person and take a real history to see what else could be contributing to the issue. And that cant be done in 3 minutes –  as we see today in HMO’s.

For example, like carpal tunnel –  one person may have symptoms as a result of damage to the wrist and someone else may have symptoms because of impingement in the neck  – if they both get the same plan –  only one gets better.

And that’s only  a 50/50 chance. Not acceptable.

Let’s take a patient with severe back spasms… I could treat her back spasms with massage, which should work right?

Not this time. In this case – only one week prior to her visit –  this patient lost her brother…  so there was no trauma –  and truly the spasms were from emotional stress.

This patient, instead of needing “just” a massage –   needs to talk with someone for her individual needs. She needs homeopathic remedies for stress –  plus some calming herbs along with massage for the spasms.

Everyone is unique and so is their case, and they need a doctor who will take the time to really listen to them to find the cause and not just treat a symptom.

10) If you were to suggest ONE major aspect of a person’s life as being the MOST important for maintaining their health – what would that be?

The most important thing is to take care of you.

In order to be there for everyone else and do for everyone else we must first learn to take care of ourselves.

I would like people to know it’s okay to take time out of your day to relax, to enjoy a book, to have a massage, to be good to your body.

When we start to sow into our body and our health we reap the benefits and can then have all the energy we need to give to others and to our dreams.

Start with taking time out  – for you –  whether it be reading a book, walking, taking a bath, or a massage.

So my last words are live life first for you then you can truly be healthy and happy for all those you love, and that is the least selfish thing you can do.

Thank you so much for your time Dr. King – Impulse Magazine appreciates your time and interview.

If you would like more information on Dr. King please visit these links:

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Twitter ID:   @_lyricsexpress_

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