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How to Save on Your Summer Holidays

saving money

One of the easiest ways of how to save money on you summer holidays is to book at the very last minute and buy a package from your local travel agent.

Travel agents are tasked with the job of selling travel and tours from the large, and not so large, tour companies and holiday specialists.

They are your main street or high street access, (and the most visible), to the world of travel and tourism.

These companies will probably be contracted to sell a fixed number of packages for certain holiday companies. The commission they receive for this is higher, but the penalties of not selling are also high.

This is why you will see many tens, or sometimes hundreds, of dollars slashed off the price of a holiday.

Going with a travel agent

If you are able to go into the travel agent (and the writer has done this) on the day before departure, especially at or near close of business, it is possible to get not only the reduced package price, but also extras like car hire or excursions given for free. It is amazing what you can squeeze out of a travel agent if there are still targets to be met.

If you are not too concerned with where you are going to go, or the accommodation which will be allocated, then this option is ideal, just reserve, pay and go, and have a couple of weeks relaxing away from the stress of everyday reality.

Booking last minute

Another way of how to save money on you summer holidays by booking at the last minute brings to mind probably the best known of the low cost and discount travel companies on the web,

This and many other web based travel companies are able to offer cheaper packages and holidays, simply because their overhead is less, therefore the prices they charge are lower respectively.

The disadvantage to this for you is that everything is completed on line; you will be unable to speak to a travel agent representative in person. Ok if you are comfortable with shopping on line, but for some it is not the ideal solution for many reasons.

Make your own arrangements

Another method, and much preferred of the writer, is by making all of your own arrangements. From parking fees at the airport, to hotel or accommodation at destination, and return flights, with careful planning and forethought, this method is very cost effective and can you save even more money on the price you would pay by using the fist option mentioned.

There are many ways of how to save money on you summer holidays, whether it is booked on line, through a travel agent, or indeed by arranging everything yourself.

Or, just stay at home

However, there is one sure fire method of saving even more money on your summer holidays, and I am going to let you in on the secret. Staying at home is stress free, comfortable, and the food is always how you like it, but the best bit has to be the lay-ins in the mornings, probably the best stress buster of all.

Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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