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How to Make Money Online in a Legit Way

make money online

This is a very interesting subject to all the people out there who are in desperate need of extra cash. I know that everyone needs money it is basically an essential necessity in our daily lives. You may be a high school student who is saving up for college, a work at home dad or mom, or just a dude who wants to have a new TV.

So on with the subject. There are many ways to make money online but this is the first thing that you should consider,  I’m saying this ahead of time so that you won’t get dismayed because you didn’t get the results that you want or you have fallen into some scam program.

Here it is, you have to find a legit system that will work for you because there are a lot of programs out there that will promise you if you sign up on our team you will be earning $10,000 in one day by just doing nothing and you don’t even need to have a computer skill.

Okay, seriously do not believe that!  That is an absolute lie; you don’t earn money just by sitting down in the computer all day being lazy waiting for the money to come out of your computer screen.

In making money online you are always required to do something may it be writing on blogs, advertising, or networking. So I highly suggest that you must work to strength so that it wouldn’t be hard for you or you can say it this way work to your expertise.

If you are good at writing then why write articles for other people and get paid for it or if you have great skills regarding photoshop then why don’t you find someone here online that needs there photo’s to be retouched because there’s a lot of people who is in want of their photos to edited especially the photographers.

In other words get a job and make money off your skills and talent. There are several ways to earn money in the internet so I’ll be listing some of them here to give you an idea:

1. Blogging & Article Writing –  This is a good, easy and a legit way to earn money online. If you are a skilled writer and you just simply like to write then this is for you.

2. Graphic designer – If you have skills regarding this arena then go for it and get a job like this online. It is indeed in demand these days.

3. Photoshop Re-toucher – All you have to do is to invest in buying mostly all the versions of Adobe photoshop because some people who wants their photo’s to be edited may require you to use the latest version of it especially the professional photographers but I can guarantee you that the pay here is great. You’ll earn much just be re-touching their pictures.

4. Free paid surveys – Taking free paid surveys online are easy to do. All you need is a spare time to answer all the questions given to you.

There are some that you have to pay a small fee if you are going to join in a team which I think is advantageous because it gives you more opportunity to take on lots of different surveys since when you sign up to one survey site it will only provide you sometimes 3 or 4 surveys a day that is going to be sent through your mail but it is not constant you have to wait until there is an available survey poll again.

5.  PTC– It simply means paid to click. There are a lot of PTC systems here  online that you can join in. Basically what you do is to click several ads everyday and invite your friends as well to join.

Let them be under your down line because whenever they click on the ads you earn money so don’t forget to give them your referral link. You need extra patience on this one though and sometimes this may require your time because you have to set up your own webpage which you can easily make one for free  so that people or your friends can easily flock in and click on ads instantly on your site.

Get a PayPal or an Alert Pay account because this is the way that you are going to get paid.

6. Google AdSense – If you have an existing blog or a website then you must sign up to Google AdSense because every time people goes into your site and clicks on a Google ad you will get paid.

7. eBook – In this system all you have to do is to share your wisdom and then earn bucks. Let’s say for example you have knowledge on how to fix pipes, gadgets or bake the greatest best tasting cake in the world then you should write something about it, turn it into a book and sell them at E-book.

Mostly focus on the How to do this how to do that kind of things or tutorials because that would really sell out fast.

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