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How To Get Tons of Views On YouTube


You might probably wonder and want to know how can your video’s be on Youtube’s front page in the list of the most viewed and on popular area right?

There are several ways for you to get a thousand views a day and one of them is illegal I call it “The cheating system” but let me get this straight, I’m not endorsing that kind of idea of course, all I’m  saying is if you really want to get a thousand views and subscribers in a quick way just for the sake of popularity then you’d really be forced to do that kind of thing  and some have fallen for it.

My point is that,yes you did get a lot of views but it’s not sincere at all and your just fooling yourself. So let’s keep it clean shall we? I’ll be giving you tips and advices that can help you get many views legally without cheating at all.

1. Link & Tags- When your uploading a video there’s a box  provided for you that say’s Tag. Now, what you do is to put relevant and irrelevant keywords into that section.If  the video that you want to post on Youtube is about you doing a drum cover or a song cover, tag the original singer,yourself,& etc. You also have to be creative in the title too.

Example: Youtube- Keesha Tik Tok Cover or Youtube- Tik Tock- Keesha sang by me.

Then with the tags you can put on: Keesha,TikTok,Music,Video,Song,Cover,Best,Singer,(Yourname) ,hot,Grammy,celebrity,Drums,Cobus,Famous,Favorite,Popular,Money,fame,Fans and etc. You can go crazy tagging!

About linking it’s easy, if you have a blog that is already existing just simply post  your video’s on your blogs so that people could see it there or go to someone Else’s blog and comment with the URL of your video,You can also use twitter,facebook and especially myspace that’s where Taylor swift got a lot of people hear her music first before she got super famous because she posted her songs in there.

What you can do is you can either use myspace as a tool to attract many viewer’s. You can add friends from there, have a little chat with them and tell them to go check your page.Tell them to let you know what they think of your video.

Same as with facebook since now you can easily share your video’s to all of your friends. Just post it on your wall so everyone can see it!

So in conclusion with myspace and facebook the more friends you have the more view’s your going to get.It’s as simple as that.No sweat at all.

2. Video response- This is actually important and very helpful that you send or attach your video to the source like on my example right above. If  I did a video cover on Keesha’s song TikTok then I’d send my video as a response to Keesha’s Music Video so that when people views her video they can also see my video just below the youtube box.

3. Friends- Tell your friends friend to watch your videos on youtube. Imagine how many friend’s your friend has so it’s just a matter of spreading the word to everybody.

4. Video’s on HD– Let’s face it people these days wants to watch high quality video’s and when I say high quality I mean your video must be clear and it must look presentable and pleasant.

5. Effort– Put effort when making video’s on youtube, groom yourself up,look handsome and cute. Select a nice background to add some professional touch to your video’s and make sure that you don’t have any annoying background noises that will disturb the viewers when watching your video.

6. Be Passionate-That’s  what drives other people to watch you because they see that your passionate on what you do, your having fun and your putting your heart on it.

7. Originality- You might be doing a song cover but make some changes, make it your style and improvise because no one wants to watch the same exact version of it. Add a little bit more life into it and be creative.

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