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How to flirt with a woman you have never met before

how to flirt
Imagine that you have to meet with a woman you have never seen before. Be it a meeting with a stranger in the most bizarre of circumstances or transforming into real life a virtual relationship, or any other occasion involving you and a strange woman.

I bet imagining will include an attractive lady whom you really want to spend some time with.

There are, however, some things you should bare in mind when you intend on flirting with a stranger. And the advice here will try to especially focus on flirting with a woman you have never met because the rules are slightly different. Some guys do it with easy.

They always have the right words, they always have the right timing and everything right needed in the right setting. Here are some tips on how you can flirt, improve you flirting techniques to be better accepted by women and to make a good first impression.

First of all, you have probably figured it out so far that eye contact in communicating with people is of utmost importance. Well, the rule applies here as well. Try to look the woman in the eyes.

This will be a particular and silent way of saying you are ready to be open and sincere, that you have no secrets and do not intend to have any. The eye contact is a powerful tool for communication, so try to avoid overdoing it. Don’t just stare, try to convey friendliness and understanding.

Second, as eye contact is meaningful and may say “Hey there, I am open to communicate”, so does body language tend to imply, or rather express, your present psychological state.

It may state curiosity, gentleness, but rudeness as well. So try to be soft-gestured and focused. Steady and directed body movements and gestures are a good sign of good composure and stability.

Third, try to add your voice to the eye contact and the body language. It can create miracles. Women often judge male character by the tone of voice.

Your readiness and intention to communicate are really well discerned by women and they can sense every pitch and tone variation in men’s voices. They can read the tone of vice and tell truth from lie.

Fourth, the topics you can focus on. Try not to be trivial, talking about the weather does help but not today, you see. People have changed and women are hard to consider time wasters.

It is a no-brainer to make a complement about her hair or dress. Do not talk about fashion, shoes or accessories if you know nothing about them. In general, try to avoid topics you do not feel competent about because you are not a woman and nobody expects you to be familiar with them.

Therefore, try to follow those suggestions as close as you should choose to do, but do not forget that sometimes implying an idea is far more powerful than simply stating it. Women do like to be regarded as equal, no matter strangers or not.

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