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How To Buy Sunglasses

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We men are a visual lot and we tend to buy or chase what looks good. In other words looks are mostly everything, if not everything for us. Of course we know this to be unwise and many of us have gone beyond looks. However we still retain this attitude for many purchases where we think if it looks good then it must be good.

Sunglasses are a purchase which has to be decided to something more than looks. It’s not enough that we look good when we have them on, there are some other more important considerations you need to look at.

So here is a quick guide on what to consider on that next sunglass purchase:

Look at the UV protection that the lens provides. Be wary of those sunglasses sold on sidewalk that 100% UV protection but are sold at bargain prices. If there are markings that say CR-39R on plastic lenses, those are about 88 UV absorptive and if they are carbonate, they would absorb 100% of the UV. Better quality sunglasses sold in optical stores are 100% UV absorptive.

oakly sun glasses

Keep the old saying, you get what you pay for, in mind. Don’t be tempted to buy those cool looking shades sold on the street, thinking that the lenses are dark so they will surely protect you.

The truth is, the darkness of the tint is no indication of the UV absorption quality of the lenses. Some cheap sunglasses despite having dark tints that look like no light can go through, actually absorb only 40% of the UV. If you are concerned about the UV absorption of your lenses (and you should be!) then buy sun glasses only from reputable optical shops.

Regular shades

Consider the use of your sunglasses. If you are using them for sports then it may be better to buy glasses that are specific for your sport as opposed to general use. For example, a cyclist will need a different set of glasses as compared to a golf player.

lance armstrong

Don’t select a tint solely because it looks cool. The tints on sunglasses vary widely and they can alter colors, brightness and contrast in ways that can disorient or provide a general feeling of discomfort on your part. The safest bet is to use neutral density lenses which do not change the color of the scene, they merely lower the brightness levels.

oakly glasses

Select lenses that are ground instead of the punched ones. This ensure that your lenses have minimal distortion.

Just because there are rules about buying sunglasses, it doesn’t mean that you are consigned to get geeky looking glasses (not that it’s bad to look like a geek) just to be sure your glasses are safe. On the contrary, there are so many cool looking sunglasses that are truly good for your eyes and still make you look like a rock star.

sun glasses

Besides, your eyes are so essential to nearly everything you do so putting out a little extra cash for a quality set of sunglasses is really a wise choice.

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