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How to be more productive while working

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, or student you most likely can benefit from being more productive in your work.

I am going to lay out 5 very easy steps to help you be more productive in any type of work:

Cut Distractions

Distractions can be the death of productivity. Close Facebook already, no one is doing anything interesting there anyways usually. Check it once or twice a day. Ask coworkers/employees/friends to give you a few hours of time to work. Ignore some emails for later and focus on the task at hand.

Stop being so stressed already. What could you possibly be stressed about right now? That big report due Tuesday that you are going to spend all day Monday on? That’s on Monday. Today is Friday, get your work done today and worry about the other stuff when you can actually deal with it.

Get a System
I follow the Getting Things Done system that was started by David Allen. Learn more about it at

Basically GTD as it is called is a system of organizing work so you can do it at the appropriate time. It will allow you to set up a system so you never have to worry about anything anymore, you can look at your task manager and know exactly what needs to be done – and when, then complete the task when the time is right.

Ask for Help
Having help on a project can really get things moving for you. Even just someone helping you get a jumpstart on brainstorm will help you immensely. Never be afraid to ask for help or guidance. It will only help you on your way to being more productive.

Work at Work
Get your work done at work. A great example of this is not paying attention in class. Instead of paying attention in class some people decide that it is better to browse the internet or text their friends. When in reality, the best thing to do is to pay attention so you do not have to study harder (and longer) later. Be productive at the right time instead of worrying about doing the work later. You have an expert(s) with you when it is time to work or pay attention, utilize them and save yourself the heartache when you are struggling to get something done out of the office or classroom.

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Written by Miles

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing.
    I think all of the tips offered above are very useful, however, to be honest I must admit that sometimes it can be very difficult to implement them in the real life. Focusing is very difficult and each one's capacity to focus will depend on a lot of factors thatg, sometimes, cannot be handled by an individual.

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