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Great Birthday Gifts For Busy Moms

Birthday gifts for moms

Most of us love our moms, but how often do we show that love? Our moms aren’t just chauffeurs or cooks or house keepers. They raise us. They make us who we are. Not only that, but they do all of that while jugging busy daily activities like:

• Doctor Appointments
• Business Meetings
• School Plays
• Grocery Shopping
• Cooking
• Cleaning
• Volunteering
• Full-Time Or part-Time Jobs
• Maintaining Other Family And Friend Relationships

The list goes on and on, but the point is clear. Our moms deserve our appreciation. They deserve special appreciation on their birthdays, particularly if those birthdays are shaping up to be nothing more than a average busy day. So, if you want you get you mom a great birthday gift as a surprise, anything is sure to be appreciated. Some gifts are definitely better than others, though. For example, here are some bad gift ideas:

• Flowers
• Candy
• Gift Certificates
• Cooking One Meal For Them For A Change

Those are not really bad gifts, exactly, but they are quick gifts. In other words, they will, get eaten or get spent one time and then they’re gone. Isn’t it much better to give your mom a gift that will last longer, or at least be good for something? Let’s look at some great examples:

A Massaging Foot Bath:

Most moms are on their feet all day. If your mom is like that, her feet probably ache at night. So, a great gift might be a massaging foot bath. Your mom will love relaxing her feet after a long day and she’ll be that much more ready to spend time with you and the rest of the family tomorrow.

A Personal Organizer:

Another great gift, especially for a busy mom on the go, is an electronic personal organizer. When people get too busy, they often get flustered and confused. If your mom is one of those people, an organizer will help her to stay focused and have more time to spend with her family and friends. That means that you get to enjoy more time with your mom.

A Digital Camera:

These days, many companies, including Canon, make some incredible digital cameras. Not all moms are technically inclined, but most moms do love their family. An easy to use digital camera is the perfect way to help your mom capture her favorite family moments so that she can enjoy them herself or with the rest of the family for years to come. In fact, many cameras can even record video and audio. So, your mom can relive her favorite family moments any time she likes.

Moms In The Kitchen:

Of course, many busy moms enjoy cooking, either for their families or with their families. So, there are also a lot of great kitchen items that you can get for your mom. Many of them are time-saving. So, mom can enjoy cooking, but also have more time to spend on family activities, too.

A Bread Machine:

Who doesn’t love mom’s homemade bread? Making bread used to be a tedious and time-consuming task, but there are many great automatic bread machines, these days. All mom has to do is add the ingredients, set the timer and go enjoy time with the family until the bread is done. That way, everybody wins.


If your mom considers herself to be a good chef and you and the rest of the family are inclined to agree, she might also love some new cookbooks for her birthday. In fact the new recipes can be a great excuse for the whole family to work together helping mom in the kitchen.

Toaster Ovens:

Toaster ovens, like the Breville BOV800XL or the Cuisinart TOB-195, are also great choices for busy moms, especially busy moms with cluttered kitchens. Toaster ovens are small and compact, so they’ll save your mom space. Also, though, they can help your mom to cook meals faster and easier. With less time spent on cooking and clean up, more time can be spent watching TV with the family, playing games or enjoying other great family activities.

So, if you want to give your mom or anyone in your life who is a mom a great birthday present, make sure that the gift will leave a lasting impression. Give a gift which will help mum and allow her to spend more personal time with family. Any mom will appreciate that, no matter what form the gift comes in.

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Christopher is a passionate freelance writer who loves spending time with his family. He also is the publisher of a website which is devoted in helping consumers in choosing the right toaster oven and other cooking appliances for their kitchen. The site has a large selection of toaster oven reviews and great information on oven toasters which can save consumers a lot of time, money and frustration.

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