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‘Googling’, Now more Secure!

secure googlingIt all started with the Chinese hackers a couple of months ago. According to the sources, there were a series of hacking attacks on several G-mail accounts. Google traced those attacks back to one of the government offices of China.

Though the official statement from the Chinese government denied any links, Google was far from convinced. A serious drama unfolded that left Google out of the ‘Dragon Land’.

In the move that followed, G-mail account started functioning with the “https” label (notice it in the browser tab when you log in to your G-mail) not only while logging in but also when you performed basic tasks such as Email or Chat. This made G-mail even more secure as it became tougher for any hacker to get access to the data of account holders.

The situation in China on this issue has not changed but the repercussions of the tussle between the Chinese government and Google have ended up making G-mail more secure. Now, Google is taking this a step further.

According to official Google sources, users will soon have access to not only a safer G-mail account, but also to a safer searching environment. This is because even the normal search that a user will perform will come under the “https” umbrella.

Clearly, Google is concerned about the privacy of its users. Since 65% of the searches across the globe are made on Google, this comes across as a big bonanza for users; especially, for someone concerned about preserving the sanctity of his searched data.

It is a common concern that the current protocols are not competent enough to deal with the changing dynamics of the Internet. Voices can be heard from different lobbies arguing in favour of better and more secure Internet, seems like there is someone listening, at last!

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Written by Hector

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