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Funny Podcasts For Your Commute

digg nation

Last week I highlighted the some Tech podcasts you could listen to stay up to date on technology. This week, bring on the funny stuff!

Podcasting is a great medium for comedy. I personally listen to podcasts more than I watch video podcasts, because I am either working or in my car when I am able to consume them, so take that into mind, however you will be able to get video versions of one or two that I will recommend you check out.

The 404
Another Cnet podcast, just like Buzz Out Loud that I recommended, but completely different. Unlike BOL, the 404 is done by a trifecta of slightly immature guys (and one girl on Thursdays) that talk about technology sometimes, boobs sometimes, and genuinely funny things always.

I am actually listening to them right now, they are all producers or reviewers of products for Cnet, so they know what they are talking about. But the real fun thing about this podcast is their sense of humor.

The 404 always seems to pull the funny parts out of a story and make it entertaining to listen to. They have had some pretty big name guests on their show including Shawn White, Tony Hawk, and Andrew W.K.

The atmosphere and talk is always light and funny, and these guys will definitely make you laugh out loud. Be careful listening in your cubicle.

Another tech podcast done by Kevin Rose of and, two major web properties and his buddy Alex Albrecht who also stars on another Revision3 show called The Totally Rad Show, about video games and movies.

This show is a rundown of the best stories of the week as picked by Kevin and Alex. They do a great job at picking the funny, interesting, or most controversial topics of the week, then give their 2 cents on it.

They are almost always drinking on the show, which can sometimes get out of hand, but usually is pretty entertaining.

The format of the show is much like a talk radio show, they give a topic, then give their opinion on it.

Unlike a lot of podcasts, Revision3 does a great job on DiggNation’s editing. If they are watching a video on screen (they both sit on a couch with their laptops on their lap) the video is overlaid on the screen so you can view it at the same time.

You Look Nice Today
This show is really hard to explain. The humor is very dry but can be hysterical at some points. You will have to go back and listen to older episodes as they are only doing one every few months now due to the hosts being busy.

Each show has a topic that is usually discussed for the duration of the show with different stories, opinions, and skits on each topic. The hosts do a great job of drawing you into their humor and you feel like you are in the room with them.

The humor is a bit more intelligent and deeper than the other two funny podcasts listed above, however you shouldn’t have a hard time getting into it, just takes a bit of thinking sometimes.

The hosts are Scott Simpson, Merlin Mann, and Adam Lisagor, the only one you may have heard of before is Merlin Mann, a soon to be author and speaker who has spoke at Google and Apple, he also runs

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