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Tips For Finding the Perfect Bride For Single Dads

finding a brideIf you are a single dad and you want to make sure that your children develop with a mother image, and you think that you cannot find the perfect match for you and your kids, well, worry no more.

These days there are women out there who prefer to date a single dad.

These may be a single mother, a widowed, a divorced woman, and believe it or not, there are even single ladies out there. Some think it is good to have instant kids.

Some women say men with kids are more responsible and more matured.

People have different preferences and tastes in life. Moreover, women are more particular than men when it comes to knowing what they really want.

With all the choices single dads have these days, there is only one thing you have to remember. Never ever, try or even dare to think about not telling her about your kids.

So, you are a single dad and you are looking forward to meeting someone to spend the rest of your life with. What should you look for in your future partner?

Of course, it will not be the typical type that single men would aim for. You should be in a more mature level of standards. Here are some factors you have to look into with your dates:

She should not only be a hot chic but also a cool friend

What will you do when she visits you at your house, enters your room in a red, silky, and sexy dress, all prepped up with her make-up and hairdo, and your 2 young boys staring at her saying, “Daddy, can we play ball with her later?”

Would you think she would say yes? Maybe she may think that they are kidding.  But what if they are not? Any woman you would date should know and should be willing to let her hair be tangled or even more, tousled whenever she’s with you and your boys.

In relation to this, she must learn to adopt and adjust to your children’s personalities – their likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc. If people may call it childish, then so be it.

She should have extreme levels of patience

This patience is not only for the kids but for the dad as well. Kids will always be kids and there will always be room for mistakes. She must know her limits on how she voices out as to how you raise your kids. But, she has the right to demand to be treated with respect by your kids.

She must have the same interests as you do

The first thing she needs to know and has to accept is that when she dates you, she dates your children too. If you fall deep with her, you will be doing things together with your children. If she does not enjoy being with the activities that you all are doing, you won’t be doing much better together in the future.

If you are engaged to be married, she should always put in her mind that she will never replace their mother but she can show them that she will always be beside them and be supportive to them. Remember, the better her relationship with the children, the smoother your relationship will be.

You, as the man though, should take the initiative to introduce her to the mother of your children. This is to put a borderline between her, being the mother of your children, and your future partner, being the one who will be guiding your children the most.

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