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Model of the Day: Fibi Love

Name: Fibi Love
Place of Birth: Haiti
Date of Birth: Oct.25 1985
Residency: Miami FL
Occupation: Student & Model
Background info: The name Fibi Love is derived from her favorite television character Phoebe Halliwell on the hit television series Charmed, she simply used the French version of that name.[1] Fibi Love got into modeling when she was 21 after seeing photographs of her roommate then who was a model. They both went and did a test shoot with a photographer, Steve, and that night she decided she wanted to be model.[4] She has had spreads and covers for magazines such as Silk Magazine, Titanium Girlz Magazine, Good Livin’ Magazine and Mafia Magazine.She has had roles in a couple of music videos and as an extra in television series such as Burn Notice and other television commercials
What is your favorite food:UMMM Ackee, Oxtail
Biggest achievement: modeling prithee

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