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Exercising: Warm Up before you Start Up!!

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Men and women are more often than not into physical exercise and it is important to warm-up before involving in a strenuous activity to decrease muscle stiffness, which prevents injury and improves physical results.

It is better to have a ten-minute up rather than rushing into an exercise without ever thinking of the possible consequences.

Initially, the muscles of the body are in a stiff state which makes them prone to injuries. A typical warm-up exercise lasts for ten minutes which you should not be ignore at any cost. Warm-up exercise helps the muscles to bend better and lessens the strain or the chance of injury.

This causes the muscles to relax easily after stretching. Doing warm-up exercise also helps the body to lessen discomfort and reduce stress hormones, which weaken your immune system. Hence, you maintain the healthiness of your immune system. Before a workout, you also need to be mentally prepared by studying what you can do and increase your focus.

With warm-up exercise, you prevented the body from strains and discomfort, which causes you to be in the mood to be ready for your workout. If you are not in a proper mental state, both mind and body’s strength will be depleted and may also reduce your concentration. Warm-up exercise also activates the sugar level in the body that has to be used as energy.

So once you start your workout, the sugars in the body are already used and the body now uses the stored fats to serve as body energy. Investing proper time in warm-up exercise, you can also burn 100 calories, which gives you a plus in losing weight. Imagine how fast you will lose weight just by adding a ten-minute warm-up.

Once you have completed the ten-minute warm-up exercise, give yourself a cool down before proceeding to the main exercise. It allows your heart rate to return to its resting state, which prevents the risk of heart attack. Treat cool down as important as warm-up.

With the necessary precautions during the workout, you can maintain a fit and healthy body.

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