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Energu Saving Gadgets For Your Batchelor Pad

Eco Batchelor Pad

Eco Batchelor Pad

Every purchase that a homeowner makes has two price tags. The first price is the cost that the consumer pays to obtain the product. The second is the running cost, the amount of money that it takes to maintain or power the product. Both prices  must be taken into consideration for optimum savings. Energy-efficient purchases not only save homeowners money over the long run but help save the planet’s precious natural resources as well.When purchasing a product, it’s important to compare prices to ensure the best deal as well. Comparison shopping is particularly important when making major purchases so use site like MoneySupermarket to find the unit price deals. Here are five ways that homeowners can make their homes greener while putting some green in their wallets as well.1. Power Strips

Any electronic device or appliance that has an LED light or a power adaptor on its cord is likely consuming electricity, even when it’s not in use. From video game consoles to flat-screen televisions, these so-called “vampire” electronics can account for as much as 10 percent of a household’s electricity costs. Connecting these devices to power strips allows homeowners to disconnect them all at once with a simple flip of a switch.

2. Energy-Efficient Refrigerators

Around 17 percent of the electricity consumed in the home goes towards powering refrigerators and freezers. Even when an existing appliance like a refrigerator is still functional, homeowners may be able to save money by replacing it. Modern refrigerators use up to 60 percent less power than those sold two decades ago. Homeowners can recoup the cost of the new model through savings on monthly electricity bills.

3. Programmable Thermostats

Affordable and usually easy to install, a thermostat that homeowners can program to deliver the right temperature when they’re at home and turn off when they’re away saves both energy and money. A programmable thermostat can cut as much as 10 percent off the household’s energy bills.

4. Radiant Floor Heating Systems

For an even more energy-efficient heating system that is more effective at delivering comfortable heat as well, homeowners may want to consider radiant floor heating. Hot water tubes or electric coils are installed beneath the floor to generate heat from below, creating even, and comfortable heat. Depending on how well the home is insulated, a radiant floor heating system can be up to 30 percent more energy-efficient that a forced air heating system.

5. Water Heater Blanket

One of the most affordable purchases that a homeowner can make to save money on energy bills is a blanket for the home’s water heater. By making the heater work more efficiently, a water heater blanket can save homeowners up to nine percent on energy bills.

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