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Pick Up Lines Just Don’t Work

pick up lines

You’ve heard them before.

You’ll probably hear them again.

Usually one of your buddies who thinks he’s uber cool and has had one too many drinks has toddled over to the cute girl sitting at the bar by herself. He puffs up his chest, he pauses, runs his hands through his hair and says something stupid.

“It must have hurt a lot.”

“I’m sorry, what?” She looks at him strangely, wondering what the hell he’s talking about.

“It must of hurt when you fell to earth,  because you’re the Angel of my Dreams.”

He smiles beguilingly at the girl who has just mentally added him to her Do Not Call list.

And you’re sitting there at the corner snickering, but actually wondering if it will work.

Let’s just say it doesn’t.

Most women silently pray that men who use pick up lines would sink into the floor and disappear, yet most are too polite to be rude. They gently excuse themselves saying that they are headed to the bathroom and run for the nearest exit.  A few women, who have heard one too many lines – will violently explode into extreme bitch mode.

Pick up lines are outdated.

Today’s women are generally internet savvy. Most of them have already Googled every single pick up line available, so if it’s on the internet, chances are they’ve already heard it, seen it and maybe even pasted it into an email before.

Besides after watching your friend get shot down in flames, you should have learned that they do not usually work. Instead, they often have the reverse desired effect.

What to use instead of a pick up line…

Well that is the question, isn’t it?

After seeing your buddy come back to the table with his hangdog expression because he most likely isn’t going to go home with anyone tonight, you probably have figured out that it isn’t your friend’s looks that caused the problem, but more likely the stupid lines he is using.

So what CAN you say and actually get the desired results? (We know what those results are, of course.)

After interviewing several women in a club setting, it was determined that most of them preferred a man to start off with just — get this — general conversation. In other words, a simple “hello.”

One woman described her ideal conversation as being something that was instantly comfortable and slightly flirty. 

“Like being with a really good friend that sets you at ease, yet peaks your interest. Just someone coming up to me and talking about anything lets me join into the conversation and see where it might go from there.”

Another said she  enjoyed, “when a man looks at me and says that I have nice eyes or hair and then seems kind of embarrassed that he mentioned it.”

She went on to say that it is a nice ice breaking start to a conversation, and his embarrassment gives her the feelings that he is a nice guy – which is the type of guy she said she was looking for.

A third woman described her ideal first contact with a man as one who:

starts a conversation with me about something around me. For example, the ring I’m wearing is a ruby, so if he started talking to me about my ring and displays a knowledge about jewelry, it tells me he has shown some interest in what I am wearing and that allows me to infer that he might want to converse with me, which is a turn on.”

All of the women agreed that while everyone knew what the intended general end result of the evening would probably be – to possibly get more intimate –  each of them expressed that the most important thing was to be treated as if they were intelligent enough to have a conversation with.

“It isn’t like we’re a different species,” one lady commented,  “Guys just need to talk to us like we are worth something and have brains. We’re not stupid, we know what they want. They just have to make us want it, too.”

One girl stated that she loved humor, but   “not nasty humor, just something funny or silly – but not an old used pick up line. More like an attitude. This guy once stood in line beside me to get a drink – we had to wait a long time. While we were waiting he looked down at me and wiggled his ears. It made me laugh so hard that I asked him to dance with me.”

So what to say? What to do?

It apparently depends on the situation, however, the overall consensus was for men to just converse in a normal conversation.

Think you can do that?

It would be better than being added to that DO NOT CALL list that every woman has in her mind. Because we all know that they share those lists with all of their friends.

Written by: Meki Cox

@_lyricsexpress_ on Twitter

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2 Comments for “Pick Up Lines Just Don’t Work”

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  2. Adhd_in_adults

    agreed, pick up lines are for douchebags, normal sincere coversation is best. again i think for most guys this would be difficult lol

    and btw i am a man and a feminist


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