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Do You Have Any Game?

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Got Game?

Our ultimate guide to pulling birds is long. Bloody long. You ain’t going to get through it in a week let alone a day.

And it’s designed to keep you coming back over and over again as your experiences on the pitch gradually allow you to learn a bit more from it each time.

That said, it might now be a Friday night and you’re going out. Perhaps you’ve got a couple of hours to skim through it. If you have, we highly recommend it.

No, let’s say you’ve only got half an hour. There’s absolutely no need to cover every single possibility. You don’t even need to know why our material works nor do you need to know what to do on dates, when you ring her or what to do in your relationship with her. All this stuff is on this website but it might not be for you tonight.

What you really need is some first-hand information to get your started with a few of the most common types of social scenarios you’re likely to face at a typical nightclub, for instance.

This will be basic and does not represent the full depth of what you will find here. It’s neither a summary nor a best of. We picked this material because we thought it’s very easy to learn in half an hour before you go out tonight!

Upon your arrival

  • Confidence matters. Walk in confidently. Do it slowly, keep your head high, don’t hesitate to take up space and, yes, smile. The way you enter a venue can really set the tone of people’s reactions to you for the rest of the night.
  • If you’re on your own, try and approach a group right away. If you’re with your mates, try and look engaged with them. Never wander about to check the bar out or scan the whole area looking for fit birds.
  • Be louder. The majority of sober blokes in a club is evidently too quiet.
  • Stand up straight while making eye contact and more importantly do not lean in to try and hear her.


  • Stay at the bar area and don’t get pissed just yet. When you see a couple of ladies together, try and pretend to spontaneously notice them before asking them a simple question or two.
  • l Ask the question like it’s really going on and make it interesting.
  • l Always start chatting to a girl as soon as you see her. It’s very important. Do not lurk. Lurking is creepy and of course creepy is no good. You can’t turn a girl off more than by being creepy.


  • Once you’ve been chatting to them for a bit, cut them off by starting to notice something about them.
  • You can and should indeed interrupt them after a couple of seconds and start talking about something else you notice about them.
  • The aim of the transition is purely to get from talking about something to having a normal chat about things of all sorts.
  • Do not compliment them or ask personal questions just yet.
  • Making statements is a major strategy. This will get her to elicit information without you asking.


  • Tease her. Give her a cute little nickname
  • Tell funny stories. Most of the time funny is good. Try and tell your stories as if they’re emotional journeys.
  • Don’t do nothing potentially interpreted as chatting her up yet.
  • Be entertaining in natural ways, not trying too hard.
  • By this point, you’ll probably be doing loads of talking. Do not let silence creep in, just keep talking and talking.
  • Do not leave the group just because you’ve got nothing else to say. Try anything. Even the world’s lamest line is way better than awkward silence. It will also get your brain used to improvising and handling social pressure.
  • Once she’s shown some interest e.g. touching you, laughing at your lame jokes etc., you can then move to the next stage.


  • When she’s showing signs of interest in you, switch gears. You can now indulge your night-long curiosity about her. Ask her a couple of screening questions like what she does for fun. When you learn of her things you’re attracted to, try and compliment them.
  • A few compliments are more than enough. Try and make her earn them too: she should talk about things genuinely interesting to you.
  • When she’s done this, tell her you weren’t too sure at first but now that you get to know her, she’s pretty interesting.
  • Make best use of the information she gave you to begin building the much-needed rapport and commonalities.


  • This is where you can ask such usual questions as ‘What do you do?’ and ‘Where do you live?’
  • Try and get to know one another across a range of topics rather than talking about one thing in detail.
  • Don’t turn your conversation into an interview. Telling her stories can prompt her to tell you more about herself.
  • Start touching her playfully and gradually developing intimate physicality as the night goes by. It should be a smooth and upward move, comfortable for both of you.
  • Comfort is all about what you decide to do next, take her home or simply get her mobile number.


  • This is all about being alone with her and moving towards sex.
  • Your biggest obstacle here is the so-called state breaks i.e. jarring interruptions when a girl consciously thinks she’s going to have sex with you. These strictly include: going home with you, going into your bedroom, taking off clothes etc.
  • Focus on distraction. Try and do something that will take her attention away. For instance, when taking her home, do not stop talking. Keep her occupied with your words. It’s most likely your monologue will help distract her from the thought of coming home with you.
  • As for sex itself, hey hey you’re on your own mate!

Getting Her Phone Number

  • Give her your number and make sure you get hers as well
  • Make specific plans for what the two of you will do which is interesting and doesn’t involve romantic dinner and a film.
  • Try and stay for 5-10 minutes after getting her number.

Before You Go Out

  • Untuck your shirt. Trim your nose hairs. Girls do notice too!
  • Put on one eye-catching item: a ring, a pendant, a colourful jacket, something that stands out and attracts people’s attention.

General Rules

  • Do not introduce yourself to a girl even after you’ve been chatting for a few minutes. When a girl asks your name, it’s a clear sign she’s interested in you.
  • Do not ask her personal questions in the first 15 minutes you’re talking to her.
  • Do not compliment any aspect of her physical appearance or what she’s wearing.
  • Keep a playful vibe. Do not appear to be taking things too seriously.
  • When you’re faced with resistance, try and change her mood, not her mind.
  • Have fun! She won’t have no fun unless you’re having fun!

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