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At one time the internationally recognized and well known Times Magazine stated that Dean Karnazes was one of the world’s most influential men. This was not a mean feat and still remains one of the highlights of Dean Karnazes’ amazing life. While his running exploits may make many think of him as a crazy man, there is no denying the fact that he has been rightly labeled as one of the fittest human beings according to Men’s Fitness magazine.

Referring to Dean Karnazes as the marathon man seems to do his reputation some disservice. Quite clearly, here is a man who has run thousands of miles across all continents at times doing so in inhuman conditions. It is hard to conceive of him as a mere mortal because of the amazing achievements he has managed to bag under his wing. Probably the Greeks, who came up with marathon, never had Dean Karnazes in mind when they were doing just that.

At one point this ultramarathon man managed to run under extremely cold temperatures non-stop. Where many would have given up and resigned to run another day, anyone would not have been considered mad to think that Dean Karnazes had a death wish on his life. This he did when running to the South Pole which at that time had temperatures in the region of minus 40 degrees. Talk about endurance and determination to face his challenges head on.

If you think that you can run, then probably you have not heard of the Dean Karnazes. Once more you think you can  run? Dean Karnazes has run 350 miles non-stop. Furthermore, he once managed to run 50 miles in all the 50 states of us the USA for 50 consecutive days. The only breaks he took while on this amazing run would be to make stops along the way and go into schools to talk to students about the need for taking good care of their bodies through exercise.

Dean Karnazes saw the need for passing on some of the greatest lessons he had learnt over his many years of running in the form of two amazing books.  One of these books is titled RUN while the other one is titled Ultramarathon Man. Both books have become international best sellers thus giving Dean Karnazes a larger platform through which to share with his audience the numerous challenges he has had to conquer. Some of these victories have been quite hilarious.

Dean Karnazes is an inspiration to many and has even received recognition from the highest office in the land, the White House. He was allowed to run through the White House where none other than the First Lady Michelle Obama met up with him and honored him. The honor he received from the First Lady was in recognition of his tireless efforts aimed at ensuring that the residents of USA got back into physical shape. This in itself was not a mean feat.

What sets Dean Karnazes further apart from the everyday leading athletes of the world, is the fact that not only is he an accomplished athlete in his own right, but is also a philanthropist, speaker, author and on top of it all a businessman. Several companies listed among the Fortune 500 are just a few of the ones he has worked for in his professional career. He has been blessed with the ability to apply lessons learnt from his marathon adventures into business.

If you want to receive timely teachings about the need for perseverance and persistence in life, there is probably no one better to receive from other than Dean Karnazes. His life is a perfect mirror where these two virtues are displayed for the entire world to see and learn from. The rigors of running hundreds of miles under severe weather conditions have provided him with the right canvass through which to pass on these great, classic lessons on to others who need them.

Dean Karnazes has become a sort of celebrity even though he is not quick to label himself as such. He is one of the most sought after speakers in the US and is continuously invited by the likes of Nike, JP Morgan, Merck and Google to speak to their staff members about very important life lessons such as overcoming adversity, perseverance, persistent, incessant pursuit of ones goals among many more. Other clients include Facebook, Sony and Pepsi Cola.

The fact that he can share his marathon experiences in such vivid, and lighthearted manner has boosted the authenticity of his messages thus helping open even more doors for him. Some of these doors have included being asked to come over for interviews with international media houses such as BBC, CNN and ESPN just to mention but a few. Even international magazines such as Time, Newsweek, and Forbes among others have been scrambling to feature him.

Dean Karnazes guiding principle in life was one given to him by his sister who passed away only one month after telling him to follow his heart always and he will never lose his way. He considers that perhaps without these great words of wisdom from his sister who was aged only 18 years when she spoke them he would not have achieved some of the goals he has. There is no escaping from the fact that these words have pushed him beyond his limits and the ordinary.

You think you can run? Dean Karnazes has run 350 miles non-stop. One of the hardest marathons he has participated in is Badwater Ultramarathon which only the crazily fit human beings, or those who think of themselves as such, take part in. This is purely an endurance marathon and race. Most participants resign or quit even before the quarter or midway point. For Dean Karnazes to have finished it is not a mean feat. Try it out if you doubt this fact.

Dean Karnazes loves eating healthy and some of his favorite meals include coconut water, plain water, organic granola, freshly cut fruit in addition to plain Greek Gods yogurt. What more can be said of Dean Karnazes, the ultramarathon man, who says that his current goal in life is to give away every material possession that he has? We should not forget that his accomplishments are simply put, like scenes out of a movie.

Further information on Dean Karnazes achievements and schedules can be obtained from his two websites; these are as well as

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