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Cute Pet Names for Your Girlfriend

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Pet names are a sign of endearment. If you don’t have a pet name for your girlfriend or wife then it’s high time you have one. Pet names show the closeness of your relationship. It is another way of saying I love you. Now we all know the common pet names such as honey or sweetheart.

These are still cool but a bit unoriginal. Surprise the love of your life by creating a unique and cute pet name. It’s best to choose something original that will make her remember you and your love so choose one that stands out. Check out my suggestions.

  1. Try using her favorite desert as a cute pet name. Cookie, Ice Cream, Candy, Muffin. They’re sentimentally sweet that will instantly make her heart melt. Also these names conjure up good memories because these are treats that she likes and craves for. You can also be more specific such as using the brand name Hershey, Reese, Krispy Kreme. These pet names will surely bring a smile to her face.
  2. You can also use the names of precious stones to signify how much you mean to her such as Pearl, Jade and Diamond. You can make it funny and name her blingy or bling. These names show how much you value her by comparing her to jewelry. It’s very disarmingly sweet.
  3. You can also use some of her physical attributes such as Dimples, Freckles and Smiley. If she has great legs, try calling her leggy. Other cute pet names are Miss Universe and Beauty Queen. By using these nicknames, it also means you’re complementing her every time you call her. You’re reminding her of your sexual attraction. This is always a great turn on.
  4. If she has great skin you can name her Snow White. Other cute names are Beauty, Belle and Pocahontas. All women are little girls at heart, and many still dream of living the fairy tale. So it’s best for you to tap into her childish side. It’s cute and sweet. It also says that you’re Prince Charming and who wouldn’t want to be like that?
  5. You can also use other languages such Amor, which is Spanish for love. Miel is French for honey. Dolce is Italian for sweet. These are unique pet names that will surely standout. More importantly, it leaves a lasting impression to your ladylove whenever you say it. Using another language also makes you more cultured. It shows that it took you some effort to find the perfect name for her rather than using common pet names.
  6. For some strange reason using animals as pet names are cute too. Teddy bear, bunny and hamster are cute names you can try. Remember make sure you don’t use piggy unless you want to get slapped.
  7. Other cute pet names you can try are gumdrop, rainbow, sunshine, lovely, princess, and duchess. Yes, these are a bit common but lately they aren’t used as much anymore so why don’t you give it a try. These names can still do the trick.
  8. Lastly, you can use famous names such as Chanel and Gucci. This is especially effective if she likes these brand names. Or you can use name of famous women Mona Lisa, Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Just remember to choose a pet name that captures the spirit of your girl. It’s supposed to be endearing such as her favorite item or a personal habit such as Giggles. Keep in mind these pet names spice up relationships so get creative! Don’t settle for common words.

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