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Creative Dating Tips for Men: A Romantic Surprise Dinner

surprise dinner

The usual dinner-movie date has started to become too boring, too predictable and too overrated. You can feel sparks starting to die down and its panic time. A secret weapon you should know about is that you can cook your way to a girl’s stomach.

Man up and prepare a romantic dinner at your place for you and your girl! This is a surefire way to sweep your girl off her feet and swoon at your culinary skills and oh, how sweet you are!

Tip #1: Know her appetite

First, assuming that you have been with a girl long enough to take the trouble to cook her up something, you must know what her favorite dishes are and the stuff that she hates. Most importantly, you should know if she has any allergies to food, because that might just cause one hell of a disaster.

Choose dishes that she would love with ingredients that are well around your budget and most importantly, dishes that you know how to cook! Consult a cook book or search the Internet for recipe ideas. When planning a meal, it’s a good idea to prepare a starter, a main course and a dessert.

A light soup or salad is a good starter. For the main course, some ideas are a nice rib eye steak, baked rosemary chicken or grill up some salmon. For the dessert, you can have something sweet and chocolaty such as an ice cream sundae or something as complicated as tiramisu. It is still up to you to decide which dishes you think are in the realm of your culinary skills.

Tip #2. Plan well.

Before you call her to make plans, finalize your menu first, and then call her. Make sure to tell her to come hungry! Once you’ve got your menu all set up, list down all the ingredients and head out to the grocery store for some shopping. Make sure to go through your list carefully and don’t miss out on anything. A missing ingredient might ruin an entire meal.

Tip #3. Allot a significant amount of time to prepare.

On the big day, do allot a good 4 to 5 hours for preparation. After all you do have a lot to do aside from cook such as take a shower, prepare your table, clean up your pad (you know you have to) and set up final touches. So wake up early! As an added precaution, take out your yellow pages and take out menus, just to be sure. You’ll never know what disaster might strike you in the kitchen.

Moving on to the cooking, look through your recipes and see if you can prepare anything beforehand. It’s best to start with the dish that requires the most time to cook, such as the main course. And, don’t you dare deviate from the recipe if you’re not an experienced cook!

Once your dinner is cooked and warm, it’s time to prepare your table. If you have a balcony, you can opt to set up your table there to create a romantic ambience. Set up your table and make sure to use the most presentable plates and glasses you have in your place. This is, after all, a special night. Light up a few candles and put on some romantic ambient music to set the mood.

Clean up all the mess you’ve made and then hit the shower. Put on some nice clothes that you’ll be comfortable in, spray on some cologne and you’re good to go. All you have to do now is to wait for her to arrive.

Tip #4. Make the night memorable.

Once she arrives, you may try to surprise her and cover her eyes before you reveal your set up table. Don’t forget to be charming! Seat her up and then serve the food. If the food you’ve prepared has cooled, heat it up for a few minutes in the microwave. A good meal can be ruined when served in the wrong temperature. Serve each meal with confidence and don’t forget to smile!

Now that you’ve got your date up and running, relax, breathe and enjoy the rest of your night!

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