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Create a Killer Personalised Summer T-shirt

Fantastic Self Print 'Indian' Summer Shirt

What better way to enjoy summer than to actually feeling the summer heat. What are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy the sun! Take a plunge to the crystal clear water and huge waves of the beach, and enjoy various outdoor sports and activities. Summer is also a great time to get in touch with your creative side and get your self looking unique with some personalised t shirts a great way to set your self apart from the crowd.

Creativity is our way of expressing our artistic side which all of us have. We may not know it, but it exist in every one of us. We can express this through different forms of arts and crafts and even in making our own summer get ups and accessories. Does that sound really fun and exciting? Yes it does! Think about designing your T-shirt prints, this can surely make you stand out among the plain, boring and redundant commercial t-shirts designs.

Designing your own t-shirt designs not only expresses your artistic nature but it also speaks what is on your mind. This shows your boldness and originality. Imagine wearing a shirt that is purely your own, the only design in the world, how cool is that?!

This allows you also to mix and match different shapes and features even the weirdest objects and images that are customized from your own imagination. Playing with colors and daring accents will surely turn heads and grab attention from those looking at it. Summer will surely turn full blasts starting with your t-shirts designs alone.

One can choose whatever computer photo editing software to create the design, as long as you know how to use it and widens your creative side. Printing you own designs to your shirt at home is as easy as printing a picture in a paper. However, in this circumstance the design should be printed in a special transfer paper that is ironed onto the shirt and peeling out the paper film to transfer the design to the shirt.

The “old-school” tradition of printing designs into the shirt uses silk screening kit (contains screen, film and squeegee), scalpel and ink that allows the print to looks more detailed and brilliant and can last for a long time as compared to the printed image. Using this method is ideal if you want your entire shirt covered with your design. Use one screen per color in creating multiple designs as silk screening is ideal only for one-color prints. To create your designs, carve the image out of the film, burn the film onto the screen, and then drag the ink across the screen and onto the shirt. When the ink dries, iron the wrong side of the shirt to set the ink.

However, if you want to skip all the do-it-yourself printing, Print on demand (POD) service is right for you. This allows you to still use your design, choosing the item you want to print on and the type of printing you like by doing these all online in various websites that offer this service. Always bear in mind that the right resolution and file format should be uploaded, and choose a POD service that lets you see what the final shirt will look like before it’s sent for printing.

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