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Cool Home Offices

The day of the home office is here and it seems that just anyone with a flat that has more than one room needs to have one.

One of the things that made this a necessity was probably the computer. The computer and the requisite internet access are one of the latest in the must have appliances in the 21st century home.

So it’s not surprising that home offices have become cooler and cooler in a never ending quest for one-upmanship.

What are some of the common elements of way cool home offices?

One would be a really large monitor or an array of 2 or more monitors.

Before you go on and say that multiple monitors are just for showoffs, consider that Bill Gates himself has 3 monitors on his office desk and he shared that once you try a multiple monitor setup, you’ll never go back because it directly impacts your productivity.

Personally I can tell you that if you work with graphics, word processing, spreadsheets, videos and web design, you WILL enjoy a big increase in productivity and will enjoy work more with at least a dual monitor setup with let’s say two 20 inch monitors.

Users who do FX, options or stock trading will likewise benefit from a multiple monitor setup.

Then there is matter of the sound system. Since there is so much multimedia on the net nowadays with streaming HD content, the cool home office needs to have a very cool sound system.

Not just any sound system but one equipped for a surround, multi speaker system complete with subs and center channels.

Your PC itself needs to be very cool too and this is not too hard to do with all the different variants in PC case design from sleek conservative ones, to the industrial high tech cases that are modular in design.

The home office needs to accommodate play too and nothing says cool more than a gaming system complete with multiple monitors, controllers, cockpit and a killer sound system.

The nature of your work may also dictate the content of the office but a cool office must have all the basics like scanners, video chat setup, array of phones, printers, faxes, shredders and the like.

It used to be that the home office was just that, an office in the home. But with more and more people beginning to work at home, it has become the embodiment of the owners personality including but not limited to his business persona.

Traditional offices always had a sort of cookie cutter look to them due mainly to their being located together with other offices in an office building complex.

Home offices on the other hand, are personal statements that express exactly what the office owner is. So keep that fact in mind when setting up your home office. It should be all about who and what you are.

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