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Come on, Shy Guy!

So you’re in your usual hang out spot, same crowd of guys over at the bar taking shot after shot as they’re talking to the bartender, same old music that’s been going on a loop since 2002, same old beer you always get. What’s new in your life? Hold up, what was that? Someone new just walked right in? And you say that someone is a girl? Well, what’re you waiting for? Go talk to her! Wait, what’s that? You’re shy? Well, being shy to go up to a girl and flirt with her can be difficult for some guys. Luckily, there are a few tips a typical shy guy can remember if he wants to flirt with a girl he’s interested in.

Dr. Love Isn’t Always Right

Before summoning up the courage to talk to a girl and flirt with her, finding a teacher is a good first move. No, I don’t mean Dr. Love, all he’s going to do is think of a game plan for you to follow. Sorry, but game plans aren’t usually the best option. Look for a teacher who can tell you how to communicate and overcome that shyness. For a better perspective, asking one of female friends is a good choice, who knows better on what a girl wants than another girl?

The Three P’s

What better ways to approach a girl and be able to confidently flirt with her than to be pleasant, presentable and pleasing? Presentation is very important. Looking presentable to a girl will make her talk to you. This can only be achieved by self grooming. Looking good will make you feel confident, feeling confident will allow you to feel good about yourself and, later on, leads you to be able to talk better and have a better, more outgoing, behaviour that girls will find appealing. Feeling that way will certainly make you be able to walk up to the girl and chat her up.

Another thing that will get attention is being pleasant. Having a pleasant disposition is appealing to girls. To be able to have a pleasant disposition, you must have to learn how to be happy. A simple smile or a laugh here and there, those are the first few steps in being happy. There’s no harm with putting aside a few of the things you’re normally worrying about, like work, personal life or money, to talk to a girl with a pleasant disposition. If you’re pleasant, it’s a sure thing that the girl you’ll be striking a conversation and flirting with will probably be pleasant as well.

Lastly, pleasing is a key part of flirt. When you’re talking about pleasing, it doesn’t mean you randomly flirt with the girl, being sincere and honest to yourself and to the girl is great way to get the girl to notice. Compliment her, but make sure what you’re saying is nice and natural. Being sincere in your compliments will bring out a positive vibe and will flow naturally.

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