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Checking Out the Mavericks Surf Contest

Found just near the Half Moon Bay coast is an ocean geography that, combined with winter storms, make some of the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. Giving the best surfers in the world a chance to test their skills, the Mavericks Surf Contest, a contest that pits these people against waves that can reach over 50 feet in height. One of the twists that this contest is known for is that nobody knows when it will be held until about 24 hours before it will start.

dropping in at Mavericks

How it Works

Usually arriving late each year, in the winter months, there is an official waiting period before the Mavericks Surf Contest begins. Once the conditions have been confirmed ideal, there are 24 pre-selected surfers who receive the short-notice phone call, inviting them to take part in the Mavericks Surf Contes. Those who are called will have 24 hours to arrive in the location and this is all the time that they are allowed in preparation.

The very first Mavericks Surf Contest was held in the year 1999. By the years 2010 and 2011, there has been a new organization calling themselves the Half Moon Bay Surf Group that has been hosting the competition and has renamed it into “The Jay at Maverick’s”. The next year however, a new group renamed the contest in 2011-2012 into “The Mavericks Big Wave Invitational”.

Whatever the events title, tens of thousands of spectators will gather in order to watch the waves that nature has to offer. Competitors such as Grant “Twiggy” Baker of Durban, South Africa who was able to win the Mavericks in 2006 including Mike Parson and Greg Long are excitedly watched by many each year.

Watching the Contest

Mavericks surfer

For those interested in watching the contest, you will need to know when exactly it will occur. It is hard to get information about this event as there are many changes in almost every couple of years.

There is a fan page available on Facebook, which announced the 2011-2012 season to be from November 1 up to March 30. In previous years, visitors could purchase a seat for one of the boat tours in the Mavericks Surf contest and join a viewing party.

However they get there, for those that do, the Mavericks competition is a spectacle to be wondered at. When witnessing such daring and skill, one is sure to carry the impression with them for a lifetime. And for those in the water, they are sure to remember each massive wave for a lifetime.

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