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Cheap and Fun Date Ideas

fun date ideas

Dating can be expensive especially for men who normally end up footing the bill. It’s not cool being called a cheapskate but with the economy nowadays it’s more practical not to spend a lot.

However, you have to get out there and enjoy your single life right? Try these creative dating ideas where you can get the most bang for your buck.

  1. A date at the park. This is a great date idea that doesn’t require you to spend so much. Both of you can take a leisurely walk and enjoy the wonderful scenery. If you have a dog then much better. Both of you can go around the park taking the dog around for a walk. This is an ideal place for both of you to talk and get to know each other. You may not even notice the time fly by since you can stroll a park for hours.
  2. A museum date. This is a cheap and great date idea since most museum entrance fees are waived. If you do have to pay it’s only five to ten dollars. You and your date can spend hours looking at beautiful art or maybe you can learn something new when you join the museum tour. This is a fun date idea that won’t hurt your wallet at all.
  3. A charity date. This can be a fun experience as you and your date get a chance to volunteer for a cause that both of you believe in. It also says a lot about your values and nothing beats the happiness and good cheer that comes when you spend time doing charity. Try volunteering in your local church or school. Sometimes they hold parties and events, which you can volunteer to help organize, you and your date, can score some free food and goodies in the process.
  4. A TV date. This is a classic cheap date tactic that you can work to your advantage. Try making it extra special by cooking dinner, placing candles or just make sure you get her favorite snack. Remember buying from the grocery is definitely cheaper than eating out, so don’t scrimp so much in preparing her favorites. It’s the little things that count.
  5. An exercise date. Jogging or cycling are fun cheap date ideas. All you have to do is bring water. You can make it fun by exercising near nature or overlooking a lake. The nice scenery is worth more than any restaurant ambiance.
  6. A tour date. Take advantage of the local tourism in your area. Most tours are free or at the most you pay twenty five to fifty dollars per head. This is a great activity that you and your date can enjoy. Tours are designed to be a fun and interactive learning experience. This will certainly not make your date boring.
  7. Check out any free concerts or events in your area. Schools normally showcase free concerts you can attend or other events such as poetry reading or ballet recitals. Don’t underestimate these shows, school productions can be well organized with a high production value. This is your chance for you and your date to experience something new and up and coming.
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