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5 Wicked Men Urban T Shirts 2012

If you live an urban lifestyle, you want to have a wardrobe to match. These 5 Wicked Urban T-shirts can help you stay comfortable while you show off your style. Each one makes a statement with its bold design, deep contrasts and unique detailing.

5 Wicked Rock iPhone Covers

Sex Pistols Cover

5 truly eye-catching iPhone covers, up to your own personal design sensibilities and taste.

Peugeot Dl122 Urban Bicycle Concept

DL 122 Urban Bicycle Concept make things easy for urban cyclists, and bike commuters. The DL 122 Bike includes a laptop/briefcase holder on the frame

3 Amazing Bachelor Pads Out of England

As a bachelor you have the world at your feet and with the world media showcasing the rich and successful single man in his lavish apartment hitting the city every night perhaps its time to up your own game.  An enviable, fun lifestyle is something to aspire to, so keep on working hard and here […]

All eyes on NY Fashion Week 2011

fashion week 2011

One of the biggest and most influential weeks in the fashion calendar is now well underway – New York Fashion Week. With some of the world’s biggest and most celebrated designers coming together to showcase their latest designs for Spring/summer 2012, the world of Fashion PR and a live audience of over 100,000 people  are […]

10 Most Expensive Streets in the Planet

Ever wonder about the world’s most expensive addresses? In August of 2009, the Wealth Bulletin published a list of the ten most expensive streets in the world. Take a stroll through the world’s toniest addresses and get a feel for what it would be like to live on one of the costliest streets in the […]

The 3 Manliest High Tech Washing Machines On the Market

As a man, you have lots of important thoughts running through your head on a daily basis. Chances are, washing your clothes is not one of them. Sure, you need clean clothes, but doing laundry isn’t exactly the most masculine pastime in the world. That’s why you need a washing machine that was built for […]

Men and Jewelry – The Real Deal

Should men wear jewelry? I think this topic is a regular subject for debate among friends. Surveys and interviews have showed that women think there’s nothing wrong with men wearing jewelries. However, they should know where to draw the line. You wouldn’t want to commit social suicide with the ladies by distastefully wearing an overabundance […]

Create a Killer Personalised Summer T-shirt

What better way to enjoy summer than to actually feeling the summer heat. What are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy the sun! Take a plunge to the crystal clear water and huge waves of the beach, and enjoy various outdoor sports and activities. Summer is also a great time to get in touch […]

4 Far Flung Destinations for the Ultimate Stag Party


After a wild stag party weekend here. With loads of nightclubs and parties, high stakes gambling, top notch steakhouses and other fine dining, plus the chance to brush elbows with celebrities, it’s a recipe for a great time (even if you can’t remember it the next day).

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