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72 Hours until the start of CANNES Film Fest

Marilyn Monroe Cannes film poster

A review of what highlights to expect at this years Festival De Cannes with, Jean Paul Gaultier, Diane Kruger, Ewan McGregor and Alexander Payne on the jury, Robert De Niro, Roman Polanski and Agnes Varda to feature the the fest’s ode to timeless cinema & Sean Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization, Paul Haggis’ Artists for Peace and Justice will be featured in a grand fund raising gala.

Biggest TurnOffs For Women

Biggest TurnOffs For Women

Motorcycle Art Showcases Young Talent

Guenevere Schwien's Ducati

Guenevere Schwien was not used to painting on a large scale when, at the suggestion of a savvy art collector, she decided to undertake her massive rendering of a siren red Ducati.

Plant a Tree Once and It Will Grow Forever

They say that if you plant an apple tree, its fruit will feed you every autumn for life. While nobody is quite sure who “they” are, they’re probably the old people who sit there watching the leaves fall off of the trees in slow motion. Old people know a lot, if they can remember it.

Why Shouldn’t You Go on Dates and How This Get’s You a Girlfriend

I will be very blunt here…dates should be an exclusive privilege to girls that actually deserve it. Their worth is established by a number of things: She is having sex with you The sex is good You have feelings for her She’s interested in you, not your money/friends/influence etc When a girl ticks all of […]

5 Wicked Rock iPhone Covers

Sex Pistols Cover

5 truly eye-catching iPhone covers, up to your own personal design sensibilities and taste.

Energu Saving Gadgets For Your Batchelor Pad

Every purchase that a homeowner makes has two price tags. The first price is the cost that the consumer pays to obtain the product. The second is the running cost, the amount of money that it takes to maintain or power the product. Both prices  must be taken into consideration for optimum savings. Energy-efficient purchases […]

Summer Drinks: Lemonade And Watermelon Cooler

Summer is finally here people! This is the most exciting and funnest season of all time,you’ve got your vacation, your finally out of school and when someone say’s summer I always think of the beach or  going to those fancy resorts in other countries  and of course what is the first thing that they’ll offer […]

Peugeot Dl122 Urban Bicycle Concept


DL 122 Urban Bicycle Concept make things easy for urban cyclists, and bike commuters. The DL 122 Bike includes a laptop/briefcase holder on the frame

Come on, Shy Guy!

Before summoning up the courage to talk to a girl and flirt with her..

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