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How to Survive Your First Job

First Job 3

It’s great to land your first professional position after spending years in college. That first step on your career path is satisfying and exciting. To make the most of your first career opportunity, follow these steps on surviving the professional world. 1. Expect to be the Low Man on the Totem Pole As the new […]

Your Habits Decide Your Future

“Men Decide Their Habits and Their Habits Decide Their Future”- Dr. Mike Murdock One inspirational quote from Dr. Mike Murdock, He is a great man of wisdom . I strongly suggest to buy his books online.It will surely change your life, renew your mind and it will give you tips & keys on how to […]

Money Tips: How to Tap Into the Potential of the Internet

Are you sufficed working in a company that is not your own? We know that if you are an employee, the salary may be high, but it still limited. Why not make money online and supplement your limited income? There are a lot of ways to earn; you just have to seek where you are […]

Impulse Interview with Al King – GoGettaz Entertainment, Inc.

Mr. Al King Entertainment Manager (President and CEO) for GoGettaz Entertainment, Inc., Entrepreneur, Licensed Realtor and personal friend to Tracy Morgan. A driven man – driven to succeed and to promote those around him to succeed, both in life and in the Entertainment Industry. Meeting Mr. King is like meeting a man who is energized, […]

Planning Your Success – Tips and Tricks

Have you ever thought of venturing on a business? Almost everyone nowadays is finding ways to make money by deploying business projects. However, how many of these business projects are successful? Not all business projects work successfully if they weren’t planned carefully. If you know that you are not sure what you can do, most […]

How to be more productive while working

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, or student you most likely can benefit from being more productive in your work. I am going to lay out 5 very easy steps to help you be more productive in any type of work: Cut Distractions Distractions can be the death of productivity. Close Facebook already, no one […]

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