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Wisdom Is Supreme

Wisdom is a vital and a principal thing a person must have. So in everything get wisdom. Wisdom is the key to success, and success can be learned so therefore no one can call themselves a loser or a failure. You can only call yourself one if you have given up, you stop trying or […]

Motivational Quote: “Be Unique & Be Yourself”

“Your Significance Is not In Your Similarity To Another But In Your Point Of Difference From Another”- Mike Murdock I want you to ponder from that statement up there. It is true right? what if everyone was the same? we look alike, we sound similar to one another  & everyone is just the same. Wouldn’t […]

Your Habits Decide Your Future

“Men Decide Their Habits and Their Habits Decide Their Future”- Dr. Mike Murdock One inspirational quote from Dr. Mike Murdock, He is a great man of wisdom . I strongly suggest to buy his books online.It will surely change your life, renew your mind and it will give you tips & keys on how to […]

Kelsey Grammer, Corbin Bleu & Impulse Magazine Help With CHARITY for Partners In Action

Rabiah Coon and Meki Cox (Lyrics Express) – July 29, 2010 Impulse Magazine is proud to announce the upcoming Charity Event taking place – requesting viewers to please tune in to and join on this “Child-A-Thon” coming up from Partners In Action. Partners In Action and TODHD are teaming up for a live web broadcast […]

Impact Investing: Why You Should Care

For the past ten years, a trend has been slowly brewing in the skies above our lackluster bond returns and near-zero field of stocks. This trend has the potential to change the world, in a way that all the tree hugging and all the car pooling and all the peace rallies never could.

Motivational Quote by Andrew Effiong

” Many of us have seen little children take their first step in their quest to walk. We watch them wobble and fall so many times, yet they are not discouraged from trying again. In the end, they master the art of walking. You might fall many times in accomplishing your dreams, but don’t give […]

Tips for Men on Improving Self Confidence

Many men are seriously good with women simply by having confidence. It really does put you at an advantage over other guys on a night out if you’re confident and feel comfortable talking to girls without any awkwardness. Confidence is key and it’s important you learn a thing or two about it: Men are inclined […]

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