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5 Tips to Running Successful Digital Agency

The internet is exploding with growth, and if you happen to believe what most people are saying, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just about all brick and mortar businesses are dipping their toes into the web. There are also millions of businesses that run exclusively online. With so much focus on internet […]

10 Top Business Conference Call Tips

Making conference calls is a task that often arises in business situations. Conference calls can be complicated interactions and it is helpful to know some tips regarding how to make it go successfully. A successful conference call, in the general sense, accomplishes its objectives and facilitates communication between parties. The following are some tips that […]

Poetry – You know it

As part of an ongoing attempt to bring the ARTS into the limelight will feature and post poetry and lyrical content submissions as they are presented. ImpulseMagazine proudly supports artists in their creative pursuits! Have  you ever caught yourself humming a tune? Singing the words to yourself? Chances are you know the lyrics to […]

Your Feelings and Your Business

Are you motivated by an emotion?  I am.  And while this is not an intentional ego fest, my experience might give you a glint of insight. If you’ve been reading my posts, you most likely know that I work as a small time real estate developer.  Simply put, I buy a house, I fix it […]

Why TradeKing is Pretty Good

There are all kinds of discount brokerages out there – and for the most part, they’re all just fine.  If it lets you buy stocks and keeps your dividends organized, it’s alright by me.  But when it comes to a service based business like a brokerage, there are other things that you might want to […]

No Bragging, But Plenty of Results

If you haven’t automated your finances, go ahead and start out on that track. make sure that a percentage of what you make goes into an emergency fund, which should generally be either a savings account, a money market account, or a bond with no penalty for early withdrawal.

Get Your Work Done, Enjoy The Rewards

Whether you work from home or for a major corporation, there is no reason to not get your work done. Sure there are plenty of distractions in the office, office buddies, politics, or just the good old internet. At home, your distractions are limitless. You can leave home and go somewhere, you can take a […]

Real Estate Journal: Bad Property Management

This is going to be a brief course on a few things you might want to consider, if you should happen to go into investing in rental properties. It can be a rough and gritty business, and the odds of making an immediate profit are extremely slim.  But over the long term, it is a […]

Being a Young Entrepreneur: Pros and Cons

In the present economic downturn it is becoming ever so important to have a good source of income. Being a young person today is a rather challenging experience. It requires quick and adequate change into trends and ideas that can generate success and well-being. It has not been that common for young people to think […]

What’s the Big Deal with House Values?

Let’s brain storm for a moment, shall we?  If you were a leader of economic policy, would you consider it to be better or worse for your nation’s citizens if the price of a standard home were to raise, or lower? This question has the potential for a lot of depth to its answer.  If […]

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