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Business Tips – 4 Great Ways to Find Company Information

Private companies do not publicize information about their performance, partnerships and other details. The problem is that someone who needs information about the company for investment purposes, competitive concerns or even employment opportunities might have a struggle to find out necessary details. While it might seem hard, some methods of finding out information can help […]

All Electric Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R To Run The Isle Of Man

British Superbike race team, Bournemouth Kawasaki Racing and electric powertrain innovators, Zytek Automotive, have joined forces to develop an Electric Motorcycle to take part in the Isle of Man SES TT Zero race on Wednesday 6 June. The team, which is being supported by Kawasaki Motors UK, are using a race proven Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R chassis, powered by a state of the art Zytek Permanent Magnet oil cooled KERS motor. At a proven 100kW (the equivalent of 134 horsepower)

A Guide To America’s Best Thru-Hikes

The long-distance hikes that stretch 2,000 miles across America’s wild lands such as the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide, are true herculean feats that strike a chord in the hearts of most long-distance hikers.

Plant a Tree Once and It Will Grow Forever

They say that if you plant an apple tree, its fruit will feed you every autumn for life. While nobody is quite sure who “they” are, they’re probably the old people who sit there watching the leaves fall off of the trees in slow motion. Old people know a lot, if they can remember it.

Energu Saving Gadgets For Your Batchelor Pad

Every purchase that a homeowner makes has two price tags. The first price is the cost that the consumer pays to obtain the product. The second is the running cost, the amount of money that it takes to maintain or power the product. Both prices  must be taken into consideration for optimum savings. Energy-efficient purchases […]

Risk, fear, and rock climbing

Rock climbing is a fantastic pastime. It can take you to places other people only read about in magazines and show you views that belong to climbers alone

Camping in the sky

Tentsile Hanging Tents

40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Here’s our guide to the top 40 blood-bathing roads that even the best driver would want to avoid and the deadly routes where tonnes of accidents have happened. Do check them out and, more importantly, avoid them at all costs! 1. Road of Death – Bolivia North Yungas Road or Bolivia’s Road of Death, which […]

Another 3 Ways to Enjoy The Weather This Summer

Just get outside and enjoy the sun, before you know it Fall will be rolling around the corner and winter soon to follow

The World’s Most Crazy Windy Roads

Are you a windy road enthusiast? Which windy roads in the world would you like to get your fast car driven on?

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