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How to Survive Your First Job

First Job 3

It’s great to land your first professional position after spending years in college. That first step on your career path is satisfying and exciting. To make the most of your first career opportunity, follow these steps on surviving the professional world. 1. Expect to be the Low Man on the Totem Pole As the new […]

Döner. Oh, the döner! What is it?

I’m walking the streets of Berlin and am feeling quite hungry. Or, perhaps, I am between trains at an underground station. What could there be nearby? Of course, the döner! Or, döner kebab. It is absolutely everywhere here. It seems that one can find döner within one-hundred yards of any location in the city of […]

Business Tips – 4 Great Ways to Find Company Information

Private companies do not publicize information about their performance, partnerships and other details. The problem is that someone who needs information about the company for investment purposes, competitive concerns or even employment opportunities might have a struggle to find out necessary details. While it might seem hard, some methods of finding out information can help […]

Five Basic Food Stuff You Need to Remain Hale and Healthy

Too much of everything is dangerous. If you are stuck with a particular type of food items, whether it is a fruit diet or fat-free meal routines, it will eventually turn on you. If you take in a variety of food items, be it rich in protein or any other  macronutrient. Choosing From the Best […]

All Electric Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R To Run The Isle Of Man

British Superbike race team, Bournemouth Kawasaki Racing and electric powertrain innovators, Zytek Automotive, have joined forces to develop an Electric Motorcycle to take part in the Isle of Man SES TT Zero race on Wednesday 6 June. The team, which is being supported by Kawasaki Motors UK, are using a race proven Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R chassis, powered by a state of the art Zytek Permanent Magnet oil cooled KERS motor. At a proven 100kW (the equivalent of 134 horsepower)

A Guide To America’s Best Thru-Hikes

The long-distance hikes that stretch 2,000 miles across America’s wild lands such as the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide, are true herculean feats that strike a chord in the hearts of most long-distance hikers.

Embrace it. You Are a Fixer Upper.

One of the big things men don’t seem to understand about women is that we pick you knowing full well what we’re going to change about you as soon as we get the opportunity.

Summer And Beach Foods To Avoid – Keep An Eye On Calorie Count

While enjoying at a beach or during summer, one eats too much without getting conscious of weight gain or health risk factor.

5 Wicked Men Urban T Shirts 2012

If you live an urban lifestyle, you want to have a wardrobe to match. These 5 Wicked Urban T-shirts can help you stay comfortable while you show off your style. Each one makes a statement with its bold design, deep contrasts and unique detailing.

Drink of the Day: Mai Tai Cocktail

Perfect drink for this summer. This is kind of similar to a margarita drink but this is mostly what they call the tropical rum drink! If you don’t know what it is at first it look’s like a fresh four season fruit punch but do not be deceived it contains alcohol! So kids no touchy […]

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