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4 Ways To Build A Massive Chest Without The Bench Press

“How much can you bench bro?” It’s the most asked question among gym-goers and these days it seems like if you’re not bench pressing, you’re not really working out.

Get the perfect abs that you deserve

Tired of searching the Internet for the best way to get those lean flat abs? Alternatively, doing crunches all day? Is your stomach out of shape no matter how hard you try ? Well, there are plenty of resources online which can provide you what you need. Here is the best one amongst them, It’s […]

Self Discipline: The Importance of Discipline During Workouts

Are you motivated enough to do a workout? How long will you last to keep going? As we all know, doing a workout requires discipline and motivation, especially if you are a rookie. You may seem to be interested and try to do an intense workout just to achieve a six-pack or to lose weight. […]

Summer is approaching: How to tone up your abs in 7 days

With summer already in, you do tend to think “How can I tone up and get in shape within a short span of time?” You also know that most noticeably, abs are the body part most acclaimed as a sign of physical fitness, because they seem to be hardest to achieve even for hard working […]

A Bear Crawling Obstacle Course

I live a different kind of lifestyle.  And no, that has nothing to do with my sexuality.  And no, I don’t expect you to care about my personal life. But it is relevant to you, in that I found a great way to target your upper body, using nothing more than the stuff you already […]

Know Your Body Systems that Work as You Box

Boxing is a long-established sport where two contenders aim to land as much powerful punches as they can on their opponent within the two to three minute round inside the ring. It requires the skills in throwing and receiving punches, good body coordination and high tolerance to pain. Due to its intense high physical demand, […]

The Benefits of Biking for Working Men

Keeping fit these days is such a Herculean feat, especially if you are a working guy who’s tied to a nine to five desk job five days a week. To add to that, it surely doesn’t help that you usually end up grabbing lunch or dinner at a fast food joint, which then adds a […]

4 Tips to Help Maximize Results at the Gym

Most people love going to the gym that do workout on a regular basis, or else they would not force themselves to go, right? Well sometimes working out at the gym can become a chore and slimming your time down can be one of the better ways to reinvent and re-energize yourself to continue going. […]

Exercising: Warm Up before you Start Up!!

Men and women are more often than not into physical exercise and it is important to warm-up before involving in a strenuous activity to decrease muscle stiffness, which prevents injury and improves physical results. It is better to have a ten-minute up rather than rushing into an exercise without ever thinking of the possible consequences. […]

A Post Workout Guide to Eating

After a muscle-pumping session at the gym, your body is surely all hyped up with endorphins and your stomach, asking to be fed. However, a lot of men make a lot of wrong, post-workout meal decisions and binge eat. They quickly get their hands on an oily cheeseburger, a bucket of chicken wings and an […]

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