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The BlackBerry Bold 9780

The BlackBerry Bold is one of the more popular smartphones produced by Research in Motion (RIM) and the 9780 edition is more of an evolution than a revolution to the range. It enhances several of the features from previous generations as well as bringing new software to the table, which should be enough to pique […]

Conair i-Stubble: Stubble is the New Sexy for Men

There is a new look that seem to attracting women these days. Say good bye to the clean cut men with now mustache and beard and say hello to the new stubble, rugged look for men. Stars like Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney and Vince Vaughn are sporting it right now and, frankly, women find […]

Backup Your Laptop Online

I think it is safe to say that most of us have laptops now-a-days. I think everyone I know except my brother has a laptop over a desktop, and the only reason he doesn’t is because he likes to tinker with his PC box.

Using a Mac Mini as a Multimedia PC

The Mac Mini is one of the best multimedia devices you can buy on the market today. The ability to easily plug a Mac Mini into your HDTV in your living room or theatre room is an interesting proposition and can make for a great media experience. First Things First I learned this the hard […]

Must-have Laptop Accessories

With tablet computers receiving most of the praises and attention lately, laptops are still one of the top gadgets one should buy. Just like the wide variety of accessories for mobile phones, laptops also have their own market for add-ons. They have their own cons compared to full-fledged desktop computers. Here are some accessories to […]

Can a Red Robot Assist You?

Can a red robot assist you? That seems a strange question to ask, but before you understand the question, an explanation needs to be made, before the concept of what a red robot is, is firmly understood. Santander Banking Group is one of the largest banking groups in the world. Its headquarters is in Madrid, […]

Buy Chinese Technology: Is it a Good or Bad Idea?

Buy Chinese technology: good or bad idea? The Chinese economic boom of the last twenty five years or so has seen manufacturers beating a path to the Asian Tiger. With huge tax breaks, cheap (most of the time) raw materials and commodities due to the Yuan being pegged to the US dollar, and an inexpensive, […]

Google is Changing Your TV

Google TV is an open source operating system built on Google Android that will basically bring the web to your TV. Google TV will bring Google search and Google Chrome to your TV, built in to Sony TV’s, and as well as available to vendors to build into Blu-Ray players, and stand alone boxes. For […]

Top Android Phones on U.S Carriers

T-Mobile The Nexus One, Google’s own flagship device is also the flagship T-Mobile Device. Although unlocked by default, the Nexus One and T-Mobile have had a pretty close relationship from the start which will only get closer with Google’s new retail online strategy (instead of online). The Nexus One already gets subsidized with new 2 […]

Snyder Believes He Can Save the World with Algae

Discussion with Matt Snyder – Humanity article for Impulse Magazine – People who want to change the world Journalist – Rabiah Coon —- When Matt Snyder began work on a bioremediation project in 2001, he arrived in Lake Elsinore ready to solve yet another problem. As was typical in his career, he was hired not […]

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