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Bright new ways to charge your phone

At one point or another, every one of us has lost his phone charger, and has been left stranded and stressed without a ready means of communication.

Muramasa VIII Stainless Headphones

Final Audio Design, the Japanese headphone brand have recently released a pair of headphones to be of envy of all.

Tag Lux Phone, Swiss bliss in a SmartPhone

TAG Heuer, Swiss luxury watchmaker, now approach another medium – the SmartPhone

Samsung UN65ES8000 Tv W/ Camera, LEDing by example

Samsung’s 2012 top level plasma and LED TV’s offer internal HD camera, two microphones, speech recognition and face tracking.

The Most Insanely Over-Engineered iPad Stand Ever

With cam systems providing six adjustment angles, hi-speed bearings, and non-slip rings for contact, its engineering can literally be termed excessive for all practical purposes

Company Selling Double-Barrel Pistols

The striking AF2011-A1 is a double-barrel 1911-style new industrial semiautomatic handgun from Arsenal Firearms

Keep a check on what your children watch: A Porn Blocker Review

A Porn Blocker Review

The 3 Manliest High Tech Washing Machines On the Market

As a man, you have lots of important thoughts running through your head on a daily basis. Chances are, washing your clothes is not one of them. Sure, you need clean clothes, but doing laundry isn’t exactly the most masculine pastime in the world. That’s why you need a washing machine that was built for […]

3 Rugged Phones

Many of today’s mobile phones place more emphasis on design than durability. The latest smartphones, for all their impressive functionality such as fast contact find phonebook, cameras, and full browser internet  will often break from a modest drop or impact. However, there are a number of phones that are built to withstand difficult conditions. Three […]

NGP VS 3DS: Battle Of The Next Gen Portables

Nintendo’s 3DS was released back in March and is currently the most powerful handheld gaming console available. Not to be out done Sony announced the follow up to it’s PSP console and both systems offer some pretty amazing features. This is a break down of some of the key selling points of each console to […]

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