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Structuring the Right Eating Habits to Build a Healthier Life

eating habits

It is wise to be picky about what you put in your mouth. Health and wellbeing comes from what you are taking in your system and mouth is the prime source of that. Making wise food choices are therefore important and the sooner you learn to modify your eating habits, sooner you can avoid the […]

All eyes on NY Fashion Week 2011

fashion week 2011

One of the biggest and most influential weeks in the fashion calendar is now well underway – New York Fashion Week. With some of the world’s biggest and most celebrated designers coming together to showcase their latest designs for Spring/summer 2012, the world of Fashion PR and a live audience of over 100,000 people  are […]

10 Top Business Conference Call Tips

Making conference calls is a task that often arises in business situations. Conference calls can be complicated interactions and it is helpful to know some tips regarding how to make it go successfully. A successful conference call, in the general sense, accomplishes its objectives and facilitates communication between parties. The following are some tips that […]

Men and Jewelry – The Real Deal

Should men wear jewelry? I think this topic is a regular subject for debate among friends. Surveys and interviews have showed that women think there’s nothing wrong with men wearing jewelries. However, they should know where to draw the line. You wouldn’t want to commit social suicide with the ladies by distastefully wearing an overabundance […]

Five Different Ways to Enjoy Your Vehicle

As well as using your car to get from one place to another there are many other activities you can pursue. Many people spend weekends taking road trips, going four wheel driving, towing a caravan on a holiday and using their cars to undertake their leisure activities. Keeping your car in good condition will ensure […]

Model of the Day: Ingrid Ullrich

Name: Ingrid Ullrich Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA Date of Birth: 7/16/87 Residency: Miami Nationality: American Occupation: Professional dancer Background info: I am Syrian, Italian, and German What is your favorite food: Syrian Food!

Model of the Day: Nashlly Sokoli

Name: Nashlly Sokoli Place of Birth: Guayaquil, Ecuador Date of Birth: 04/02/1990 Residency: New Jersey Nationality: Ecuadorian/ Part Lebanese Occupation: Student/ Model Background info:Student first , model second, working hard to excel in each each spectrum. Brains and beauty I have it all.. 😉 Follow me on twitter @Nashllyestefani and check me out on […]

NGP VS 3DS: Battle Of The Next Gen Portables

Nintendo’s 3DS was released back in March and is currently the most powerful handheld gaming console available. Not to be out done Sony announced the follow up to it’s PSP console and both systems offer some pretty amazing features. This is a break down of some of the key selling points of each console to […]

Keep Your Pool Cues in Top Condition

Whether you are a professional billiards player or someone who picks up a cue casually on a Saturday night at the bar, nothing is more frustrating than a cue that is bent or broken.  If you use the cues provided to you at the local parlor, then there is little you can do about the […]

6 Ways to Impress a Woman With Your Car

There seems to be a direct correlation between hot cars and hot chicks. If I was into algebra I might try to figure out some sort of formula that accounts for a horse power to bra size ratio. But screw math. According to magazines, television and the internet if you wanna get women you can’t […]

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