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Amare Stoudemire Will Sign With the New York Knicks

The All-Star forward has finally signed on the dotted line with the New York Knicks for 5 years and $99.7 million contract.  He will reunite with his former head coach, Mike D’ Antoni. Well any of the other star free agents follow suite, only time will tell.

Cool Home Offices

The day of the home office is here and it seems that just anyone with a flat that has more than one room needs to have one. One of the things that made this a necessity was probably the computer. The computer and the requisite internet access are one of the latest in the must […]

Marie Digby On Youtube!

Marie Digby- If you don’t know her then there’s probably something wrong with you!  If your a fan of her then scream out loud people! But if you don’t know her yet, Marie is a very talented singer and a song writer. She was first discovered on youtube when she did a song cover called […]

5 Ways to Make Money From The 2010 FIFA World Cup

It is that time a year again when all of the ragging soccer fanatics come out of their caves. The 2010 FIFA World Cup officially starts on June 11, 2010. Here is a list of 5 different ways that you can make money from the World Cup. Blog about the World Cup and put ads […]

Ken Griffey Jr. Retires at Age 40 (Pic)

After many years of battling through years of injuries, Griffey finally calls it quits. “I’ve come to a decision today to retire from Major League Baseball,” Griffey said in the statement.

Marv Albert Interviews President Obama (Video)

This is a wonderful interview with President Obama being interviewed by basketball commentator  Marv Albert.  Obama really knows his stuff when it comes to basketball. Watch out because he just might take you to the hole.

Cavs Give Coach Mike Brown the Boot

After a horrible Cavs performance in the second round of the NBA playoffs. GM Danny Ferry gives Coach Mike Brown the boot.  A lot of people saw this one coming and rumors were building immediately after the 4th game loss.  Was this a decision made by the Cavs or Lebron? We will soon know about […]

Did you see what Lebron just did?

If you just were watching the Cavs vs. Celtics game, you would have noticed that Lebron was not playing like he normally does. How do you go from scoring 20 points one game in the 1st quarter and then not scoring your 1st field goal until the 3rd quarter. So is he headed to New […]

Predictions for the Stanley Cup Playoffs

This year the NHL Playoffs have been anything but normal, The defending champions in the Pittsburgh Penguins have been knocked out in the Conference semifinal, a team I thought for sure could potentially repeat and win it again this year. I was proved wrong last night by a strong Montreal team. The defending (if that […]

The World’s Greatest Football Stadiums

They say that home is where your heart is and for millions of football fans around the world their teams’ stadiums really hold a great deal of significance, emotional and perhaps spiritual. In fact, many grounds are as integral as the most memorable matches and iconic players and have even become a source of quite […]

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