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What next for Michael Owen – does the former England striker need a PR agency to help him find a new club?

Compared to other walks of life, in football it is generally acknowledged that there is no place to hide. Every moment of joy and despair picked up by the media and shared with the rest of the world whether it’s good or bad.

6 Top Football Betting Tips

While most people find betting on football to be frustrating, there are a few tips that will give you an edge when looking to place a bet and following the live match or the pundit with many bets on the live football results.  The following tips will allow you to get the most enjoyment and […]

Keep Your Pool Cues in Top Condition

Whether you are a professional billiards player or someone who picks up a cue casually on a Saturday night at the bar, nothing is more frustrating than a cue that is bent or broken.  If you use the cues provided to you at the local parlor, then there is little you can do about the […]

Pool: Sport or Game?

Photo Credit: davehuehn This article was produced on behalf of Home Leisure Direct – Whether you’re a serious gamer or a true sportsman, Home Leisure Direct has a huge array of pool tables to suit your needs. Similar to darts; whether pool can be considered a sport or a game in todays world has been […]

Girls and Football

Here’s a shocker for you: I hate sports. I’m sorry. But I do. The problem for me is this: it’s just so artificial. No, really. It is. I mean, in real life there is no ref. There is no flag on the play. In real life, if someone is chasing you and they pull you […]

Interview With Golf Sensation Zakiya Randall

Interview by Meki Cox (LyricsExpress) Zakiya Randall – also known as just “Z” has been one of the hottest driving forces in Women’s Golf – and has ranked high or won almost every Golf Tournament or game played since she was 10 years old. She has consecutively made it in the Women’s Golf Tour and […]

Badminton – Not Just a Girly Sport

Your semi athletic girlfriend decides you’re going to play badminton. Opting to remain quiet and deciding to go along with her fun little game – you help her set up the net outside in the yard. She tells you that she used to play this game in college and she was pretty good back then. […]

Pound for Pound Kings of MMA

George “Rush” St. Pierre (20 wins, 2 losses) St. Pierre remains to be the most dominant welterweight MMA fighter today. He literally went through all of his opponents in a very decisive way. This guy is great fighting on the ground because of his explosive wrestling style, great in stand up because of his karate […]

Ke$ha Tiktok

Hear her songs loud on your radio! Ke$ha is one of the singers of today that is unique & is interesting to hear since her style of music is a combination of pop and rap. Her voice is very unique as well and yes! she can sing live. Ke$ha is a true artist because she […]

Lebron Chooses The Super Heat

Lebron has finally made his decision.  Lebron will join the Miami Heat

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