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Movie Review: State of Play

Another very interesting & intriguing movie of  last year! Seriously,I don’t know why this movie didn’t really hit big time because from all the people I asked if they have watch this film they always reply with the answer No! But it anyways I highly recommended you to watch this! Once you have started watching […]

Far East Movement Premiere Rocketeer LA Dreamer Short Film

Check out a brand new short film from Far East Movement inspired by their Downtown LA upbringing set to their new hit single “Rocketeer.”  The “Free Wired” group explains — “When we did the song Rocketeer off our Free Wired album, it was inspired by how we grew up in Downtown LA as LA Dreamers living […]

Top 5 Movies She Will Adore

Guys dig films. Chicks love flicks. So you date her in the movies because typically, the widescreen sets a more romantic mood for the two of you. But more often than not, guys and chicks do not like the same movie titles. When you are out in the movies with a girl, chick flicks are […]

The Killer Inside Me (2010) by Michael Wintorbottom

Michael Winterbottom’s adaptation of the famous pulp writer Jim Thompson’s novel (1952) was first introduced during Sundance Film Festival this year. Wintorbottom (also known for his movies The Road to Guantanamo; In this World; Welcome to Sarajevo among many others) directs the story of a small town deputy sheriff, named Lou Ford, who turns out […]

Knight and Day (MI Meets Get Smart): A Must-See Movie this Summer 2010

In this age of digital filming and 3D movie-viewing, who needs an old, probably medieval, and another of the James Bond plotline? Not with Mangold’s recent release, you don’t, because this flick is not as plain and ordinary as its title suggests. Knight and Day, an action-comedy film directed by James Mangold, is a good […]

The Runaways: Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart’s New Movie

This movie is starred by Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. This is a very awesome movie and it is one of the most awaited film of this year. It is good to see them both act in a different characters and  it really proves that they are good actresses. These girls are talented, especially Dakota […]

Movie Review: Salt

The lead role of this film was actually suppose to be played by Tom Cruise since it is Edwin A. Salt which is a guy, duh! but it was rewritten by Kurt Wimmer so Angelina got the part and most people actually prefer her to get the role since it would be more exciting, I […]

Movie Review: Karate Kid

The most fun filled action movie! A big thumbs up for this film. If you haven’t watched it yet, you better watch it now and by the way the kid who is playing the lead role is way talented. I can really see Will Smith’s profile written all over his face. Well of course it […]

Movie Review: Eclipse Twilight Saga

So probably you guys might be so not excited of this movie . I know, I could feel your pain, I know you are just doing this for the sake of your girlfriend.It is obvious and you can’t hide it. Well, last Wednesday June 30 was the opening of The movie here in our country […]

Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

What do you get when you get a good looking guy with a name for himself to play as the hero, add it with tons of 3D effects, and action scenes? Normally, a Hollywood blockbuster. However, this can’t be said the same for Clash of the Titans. An attempt to remake the 1981 classic, Louis […]

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