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World’s Best Outdoor Parties

Let’s talk about great parties which attract the same people back year in year out. Here’s our pick of top ten must-see parties:

2010 Ibiza’s hottest clubs

You have probably already thought about buying a ticket and boarding the next plane flying to Ibiza. Don’t worry. Many people do think about doing it too, be it for the beautiful beaches or the unprecedented night life. If you are thinking about going to Ibiza because of its clubbing life you might consider visiting […]

Kelsey Grammer, Corbin Bleu & Impulse Magazine Help With CHARITY for Partners In Action

Rabiah Coon and Meki Cox (Lyrics Express) – July 29, 2010 Impulse Magazine is proud to announce the upcoming Charity Event taking place – requesting viewers to please tune in to and join on this “Child-A-Thon” coming up from Partners In Action. Partners In Action and TODHD are teaming up for a live web broadcast […]

The Tentacled Oracle – ‘Paul’

The very first instinct of any German fan would have surely been to barbecue ‘Paul’. A deep seated anger sprang up which took the shape of divine appeal hoping that the predicted victory of Spaniards was nothing but a whim of an eight legged monster priest. But alas!! German hopes were smashed brutally against the […]

Hottest Summer Parties in the UK

Summer is finally here! Our energy levels are all boosted up, and what more fun way to beat the heat than to party to our heart’s content. Summer is known for wild and hot parties all over the world. Here in the UK, we have lots of events, gatherings and festivals all year round, but […]

EXCLUSIVE: Hours after Kelsey Grammer’s Divorce Announcement TODHD announced The TOD’nite Show is Coming to Late Night with Kelsey Grammer

Hours after his divorce announcement, Kelsey Grammer exclusively tells Impulse Magazine that he is starting on a new LATE NIGHT show venture called the TODnite show (tonite show) on the new TODHD Network.

Kelsey Grammer Has a New Love – Exclusively on

“I have made the announcement here first as this is where I feel most comfortable and right at home. I ask for your respect and privacy in this matter for my children’s sake. I am comforted to know I have met so many great people here on our site and really look forward to getting to know everyone even better.” – Kelsey Grammer July 1, 2010 on

Earthquake Hits Toronto Canada on the Eve of the G20 Summit

A small earthquake hits downtown Toronto Canada or the eve of the G20 Summit. Is this some kind of coincidence?

Impulse Magazine Officially Launches on June 1st

Get ready guys because we are just weeks away from the official launch of Impulse Magazine. This has probably been one of the most anticipated launches of 2010.  We have big plans for our men’s lifestyle magazine and a couple big surprises for everyone.  You definitely want to visit our site on the launch date.

UK’s Best Outdoor Parties

Do you consider yourself a party animal? If you do, you might like to check out our list of the UK’s finest outdoor parties with thousands and thousands of visitors. From Brighton to London and the Isle of Wight, we’ve profiled the finest of finest outdoor parties across the country. If there’s any party you […]

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