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Checking Out the Mavericks Surf Contest

Found just near the Half Moon Bay coast is an ocean geography that, combined with winter storms, make some of the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. Giving the best surfers in the world a chance to test their skills, the Mavericks Surf Contest, a contest that pits these people against waves that […]

Mark Tripple’s Underwater Project Looks at the Ocean in a New Way

Tripple’s stunning underwater photos examine marine life and diving practices from a whole new angle.

Faking Waves

a world famous surfer and an Australian board shaper, both working separately, claim being ready to break ground with almost identical water pools that will be capable of faking waves up to head heigh

Go Fishing and Find the Inner Peace

This activity assists in proving that people do really need to constantly search for their inner self, so that they could be able to achieve satisfaction with their own life.

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