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Döner. Oh, the döner! What is it?

I’m walking the streets of Berlin and am feeling quite hungry. Or, perhaps, I am between trains at an underground station. What could there be nearby? Of course, the döner! Or, döner kebab. It is absolutely everywhere here. It seems that one can find döner within one-hundred yards of any location in the city of […]

5 Reasons to pick the Algarve for a Guys’ Holiday

Although holidays with the guys are a big part of being a man, it can sometimes be a headache trying to choose where the hell to go. With everyone wanting different things, finding somewhere to spend your well-deserved time off can require some serious thought. One suggestion to blow the competition out of the water […]

The Real Rocky Mountain Oyster

When it comes to questions on the testicle festival in Montana, there is really no middle ground. It appears as though there is an equal number of people who are either for or against this event.

4 Best Ski Resorts 2012

Great Skiing

The beloved sport of snow skiing is a favorite activity of outdoor enthusiasts and locating a resort that provides a lavish stay can be difficult. Skiers should consider the following 4 resorts for their next ski vacation. You can get great ski deals online so pick up a bargain and see you on the slopes.

10 Most Expensive Streets in the Planet

Ever wonder about the world’s most expensive addresses? In August of 2009, the Wealth Bulletin published a list of the ten most expensive streets in the world. Take a stroll through the world’s toniest addresses and get a feel for what it would be like to live on one of the costliest streets in the […]

4 Far Flung Destinations for the Ultimate Stag Party


After a wild stag party weekend here. With loads of nightclubs and parties, high stakes gambling, top notch steakhouses and other fine dining, plus the chance to brush elbows with celebrities, it’s a recipe for a great time (even if you can’t remember it the next day).

2 Exciting Adventure Vacation Ideas

A lot of guys love going on vacation, heck everyone does. But sometimes you need to find some real excitement on vacation. While some people prefer to relax and lay out on the beach, some people would rather go sky diving or do other adventure sports. I am going to give you two, awesome, and […]

3 Leisurely Vacation Travel Ideas

Sometimes it is just nice to head out on vacation without a care in the world and relax. Shut off the BlackBerry, close the laptop, and disconnect from the outside world. Even as men, we might not admit it but we do get stressed out sometimes, and it is just nice to get away from […]

Top 10 Places to Take Your Summer Vacation

It’s time to start planning that summer vacation, but where to go? For the outdoorsy person, there are wonderful destinations waiting for you to explore and enjoy! Australia: Australia is a huge place with plenty of hiking or other travelling opportunities as well as shopping meccas in Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney offers a host of […]

How to Save on Your Summer Holidays

One of the easiest ways of how to save money on you summer holidays is to book at the very last minute and buy a package from your local travel agent. Travel agents are tasked with the job of selling travel and tours from the large, and not so large, tour companies and holiday specialists. […]

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