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Döner. Oh, the döner! What is it?

I’m walking the streets of Berlin and am feeling quite hungry. Or, perhaps, I am between trains at an underground station. What could there be nearby? Of course, the döner! Or, döner kebab. It is absolutely everywhere here. It seems that one can find döner within one-hundred yards of any location in the city of […]

Checking Out the Mavericks Surf Contest

Found just near the Half Moon Bay coast is an ocean geography that, combined with winter storms, make some of the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. Giving the best surfers in the world a chance to test their skills, the Mavericks Surf Contest, a contest that pits these people against waves that […]

Geraldine Fasnacht Paints Lines In the Sky

Wingsuits lift the pilot upon the air with a forward momentum that can exceed 100 mph (160 km/h), allowing the closest human sensation to that of a bird. But it is the impetus of passion, inspiration and camaraderie that carry the denizens of this athletic and creative pursuit forward. Geraldine Fasnacht is one athlete that […]

All Electric Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R To Run The Isle Of Man

British Superbike race team, Bournemouth Kawasaki Racing and electric powertrain innovators, Zytek Automotive, have joined forces to develop an Electric Motorcycle to take part in the Isle of Man SES TT Zero race on Wednesday 6 June. The team, which is being supported by Kawasaki Motors UK, are using a race proven Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R chassis, powered by a state of the art Zytek Permanent Magnet oil cooled KERS motor. At a proven 100kW (the equivalent of 134 horsepower)

Mark Tripple’s Underwater Project Looks at the Ocean in a New Way

Tripple’s stunning underwater photos examine marine life and diving practices from a whole new angle.

5 Reasons to pick the Algarve for a Guys’ Holiday

Although holidays with the guys are a big part of being a man, it can sometimes be a headache trying to choose where the hell to go. With everyone wanting different things, finding somewhere to spend your well-deserved time off can require some serious thought. One suggestion to blow the competition out of the water […]

Its time to start jumping again.

As spring has set into full effect and my winter doldrums are slowly fading away, I find myself already planning for the summer.


YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN? At one time the internationally recognized and well known Times Magazine stated that Dean Karnazes was one of the world’s most influential men.

Chris Welsh’s Voyage into Unknown Depths

If you’re looking for an accomplished entrepreneur come adventurer, you don’t have to look much farther than in the direction of a gentleman called Chris Welsh.

The Real Rocky Mountain Oyster

When it comes to questions on the testicle festival in Montana, there is really no middle ground. It appears as though there is an equal number of people who are either for or against this event.

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